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Below is some feedback from the most important people - our clients - as well as a few reports from the press:

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Can you pass on a big thank-you to Holly for running a really enjoyable roller ski session today. Despite the early atrocious weather Holly kept everyone’s spirits high and kept us all active, taking us through the basics of skate and classic roller ski. I’m better equipped to tackle the 30km Vasaloppet in Feb than before but will need to keep up the training. IT, 10.12.23

Yes, great sessions, fantastic tuition and fun- more than made up for the atrocious weather!! NP, 11.12.23

Just to say how much I enjoyed my lesson with Jasmine today. She is great, very professional indeed, and I learned a lot and of course want to come again. DWJ, 10.1.23

We both really enjoyed the day, and are very grateful to Chris and then Jordan for being such enthusiastic, attentive and patient instructors. We learnt a great deal. Blessed also by wonderful weather. It was also very enjoyable and interesting to meet other people who take part in this sport, and to meet people who have their sights set on the Engadin ski marathon. We’re now trying to find places and time to put into practice what you have taught us! JRL, 15.10.22

Firstly I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for last night, the lesson was fantastic. I can't remember our instructors name, but she was an incredible coach [Becky], it's quite possibly the best coaching in any sport I've ever received! Please do pass on my thanks and feedback. I'm incredibly impressed with the slick operation you run, I was not expecting such a professional and smooth outfit. I work with many activity providers in the city (skateboarding, SUP and wakeboarding) and have managed surf schools in the past and I have to say the way you gear and everything set up was truly outstanding! NB, 9.1.20, beginners' course in Hyde Park,

Thank you for the excellent service, I have received my order and it is great. AM, 28.1.19 shop customer

Thank you so much for a great experience. Fern was an amazing coach, making it great fun. Please pass on my thanks to her again. VD, 12.1.19, private lesson

Thank you for sorting out my ski gear last week. I realise that just because it’s your job doesn’t mean you have to accept last-minute orders and drive out to deliver it the next evening. It made all the difference being able to travel to Oberhof with my own gear and enjoy using it for the first time. It all went brilliantly – they are amazing skis, and the bags made it all very easy to transport & carry around. JD, 15.11.18, shop customer

I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson of roller skiing with Jordan at Ascot race course, and I am dying to do some more. I would just love to be able to really give this sport a shot as I loved it! AS, 18.9.18, Ascot 1-day course

The Biathlon course at Dorney was one of the most fun sporting days of my life, can’t wait to learn some more! JM, 18.8.18

Thank you so much! We all had such a good time. Although some hilarious chat going round after watching a video about how terrible we were!! And how different we looked to how we felt we looked! AF, 28.1.18, Hen Party group

Thanks for all your help over the last few months [training for the Engadin Skimarathon]! Unfortunately A and I were exceptionally slow and had no sense of urgency whatsoever. But we laughed the whole way around and had a great day out. Thanks for everything, you have bee really helpful and we appreciate it! CC-A, March 2017

The course was very well run and adapted well for the weather conditions on the day to make sure that everyone got maximum benefit from the day regardless of their ability with rifles or on rollerskis. DB, March 2017, after a biathlon course

We had a trip to the Cairngorms over the weekend and they were very impressed by the standard our team had reached with your crew's guidance. AL, February 2017, training for 'Heroes of Telemark' cross-country ski tour

I can safely say getting round at all might have been an issue without your training - 5th day ever on x country skis was the Engadin. Thank you once again. See you for next seasons training, I will also be recruiting family and friends. JC, March 2015

The gang were out in force for the Engadin.  All those who'd been helped and trained by did PB's....those who trained by themselves didn't!! CD, March 2015

Great course last night - both really enjoyed it and extremely pleased with our progress. Flic is brilliant - very clear instruction, great pace to the class, and genuine and infectious enthusiasm. GS, May 2014

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to Mantas for his instruction this morning which we thoroughly enjoyed.  He is a great coach (and pleasant on the eye!!)  CF, Dorney Lake, April 2014

I've been involved with triathlon for a number of years, both racing and coaching at all levels, and as such it's a rare occurrence for me to be an anonymous member of a coached group in a sport in which I have no knowledge, skill, or ability, something which took me entirely out of my comfort zone, and to some extent made for an anxious drive to the session.  That said, I'm happy to say that I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable experience, and that I couldn't have asked for a better coach than Flic. Coming from a sport which is changing significantly, and not necessarily for the better, and where coaching has largely become a revenue stream in place of a tool for genuine athlete development, it would be fair to say that my views of performance sport and coaching (even my own at times) have become a little jaded.  This made it all the more refreshing to spend the day with a truly remarkable coach.  Flic was the very model of everything a coach should be, skilled, knowledgable, professional, friendly, engaging, and able to communicate at all levels with the athletes she was responsible for.  Above all, Flic's passion and enthusiasm for her sport, and her ability to share this with the entire group, is what gave her that something else which I don't remember seeing in others for a long time. I came away from the course with a new enthusiasm for sport, and a mid to long term goal of cross country racing to the highest standard I am capable of achieving.  For this I am incredibly grateful.  I am sure I'll be returning for the next level of training in due course. KJ, Dorney Lake, January 2014

Hi Iain, I've booked in my thirteen year old son... I was inspired by the rollerski lessons I am taking from your team at the moment and thought he would really enjoy it. CT, Hyde Park, December 2013

Many thanks for the rollerski day yesterday. It was really good experience and Flic was a brilliant instructor - she is very good at explaining and made it a lot of fun too. We both learnt a lot and are looking forward to skiing on snow. JG, Dorney Lake, Nov 2013

Hi Iain. just some feedback on my hyde park experience. Flic was super, confident and enthusiastic at all times and generous with her attention. I reckon I could beat her over 100m but then I would be toast! GG, Hyde Park private lesson, 17.6.13

Once again, thanks for yesterday, was brilliant, both Ollie and I had a wonderful time (and together, most unusual for a teenager...) EK, Dorney, 15.4.13

Thanks, I had so much fun yesterday!  KL, Dorney, 26.11.12

I just wanted to say thank you for another really good session (introductory skating with Roger) which was a lot of fun.  FH, Dorney, 7.11.12

The sessions were great. Mantas did a great job and was both flexible and professional throughout the full day.  All of the groups really enjoyed the session and many have said it was the most enjoyable activity they have tried this year.  
DW, Assistant Headmaster, The Sele School, 12.7.12, Private 1-day lesson

I just wanted to thank you for such an interesting and dare I say it exciting experience last night.  Rollerski was a lot more challenging than I'd imagined, but our tutor was so encouraging and patient.  I'd bought this event as a birthday present for a friend - we had a lot of fun and I may well book myself onto your four week course.
GH, Hyde Park, 15.6.12

My family and I attended one of your classes at Hyde Park today. We were wary at what the event would bring, but what a fantastic morning we had with Glennis. We had no skills at all at the start but by the end of the session we were all gaining speed and did not want the session to end.  
LJ, Hyde Park, 25.2.12

Thanks for a really good training day today. P and I had a great time and are both very happy with how much we learnt and improved during the day. Really good instructors and just a fun day out. I will sign up for the 1-day Dorney course on 13 March, as these intensive sessions are a great way to improve my skills while I’m in such an early stage of the sport...and I hope I’ll persuade P to come again too. PJ, Dorney Lake, Feb 2011

P, P, R and myself really enjoyed and benefited from today's course at Dorney.  R and I were particularly impressed with Mantas' skill on rollers which really encouraged us all to throw ourselves in to the whole thing rather than mincing about.  He probably couldn't see any difference, but we could !! DR, Dorney Lake, January 2011

Just wanted say thanks for a great day. Well instructed and good fun. Private Group, Hyde Park, November 2010

The temperature got down to -29c on the Sunday that we did the skiing. While the skis were very different to my experience in Hyde Park, I think the classes with you and your team helped enormously! HW, rollerskied in preparation for the Kids' Company Nordic Races, November 2009

Just been out skating round the Hope valley, and was meaning to send you a message to say how great they've been! I reckon for "skinning" up hills they are fantastic training, technically difficult in the same way as proper skinning is, but more so - if you make faults they are more severely punished. So I reckon it's going to be great for the technique. Also feels physically very different from just running or biking which is what I was doing previously. Also been skating quite a lot, which feels like it will help a lot in races too. Es Tresidder, training for Ski Mountaineering races (Alpine ski touring), 17.12.9

The rollerskiing definately helped, shame we didn't start it earlier. James Cracknell, 23.8.9, training for race to the South Pole, pictures

Thanks for such a fantastic time in the rain yesterday. I absolutely loved it and have been ranting on about it to anyone who will listen. It really was great fun and i can't wait to get out and about in the new forest sometime soon. I even managed to do some exercises before - bed passing a glass (almost empty) from hand to hand! EG, 6.10.8, in training for a race

Iain displays a genuine enthusiasm for his sport and also in helping others learn. In the space of two lessons he had us skiing smoothly. He has a good eye for detail and is able to quickly identify what each person can adjust in order to improve. He gives feedback in a way which is both helpful and encouraging, which makes you want to keep stretching yourself. A rare combination! MP, 4.9.8

We found Karolina's advice was very precise and constructive. Her feedback was delivered in a very friendly manner. We enjoyed the day and the location and would definitely come back again. RL, Dorney Level 2 course, 28.8.8

Thanks for a great day at Dorney Lake! I had my heart rate monitor on and it recorded 3,200 kcal to be compared with 1,900 kcal for the level 1 course. It was a good work out! UR, 14.1.8 (after doing Level 2 1-day course)

I had a great day - its awesome, my arms were killing on Monday! CS, 30.8.7

Thanks for the course on Sunday. We very much enjoyed it and it was nice to have everything so well organised. RG, 29.8.7, after Dorney Lake, beginners' day course

've just wanted to thank you again for a great day last Sunday at Dorney lakes. I'm always on about how much fun and what a great value your courses are! I feel that I've learned a lot - all the little exercises and tips - really really good! So I went and practised on Monday and my goal is to definitely ski more without poles and enter some competitions eventually. AD, 29.8.7, after Dorney Lake, intermediate day course

I really enjoyed the lessons and the tuition was excellent! Can't wait to do some more. MS, 11.5.7

The course have been excellent and I have enjoyed every Thursday!! Thank you so much! JS, 10.5.7

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know we all made Skarverennet!!! It was hard, but an excellent day.The weather was amazing and the people were all absolutely amazed none of us had ever done it before. We all wanted to thank you for the lessons we've had over the last couple of months. It really helped prepare us for the real thing! AL, 23.4.7

The main reason for writing of course is to tell you that the cross country skiing was so easy after trying the dry rollers with you. I had never been on skis of any kind before but there were people who claimed to be experienced down-hillers on their bums and completely out of puff - we got through about 12K in the one session and I was last man standing with one other. Really grateful for your advices and keep up the good work. PL, 16.2.7

i am just writing to say that I really enjoyed myself in the Dorney class last Sunday. Thank you both very much for such a lovely day. I will definitely book myself for another session in coming future. JF, 27.2.7

We thouroughly enjoyed it. Your tutition was excellent we both feel we have learnt a lot and are looking forward to our skiing holiday. I would very much like to come to another lesson some time in the near future. The size of the group was just right and the location was ideal. PS, 22.11.6

Thank you for organising the lesson we all LOVED it. Now how to figure on doing it regularly. RP, 13.9.6

My over riding impression was that it was a well structured and fun day - I got a lot out of it and had a great time. Thank you. JR, 12.9.6

Ta for the fab course. All I need now is a course on how to release money from a domestic budget in order to buy :-) LG, 11.9.6

Thoroughly enjoyed my morning in Hyde Park and hooked. JP, 20.3.6

Both Claire and I would like to thank you for yesterday, we had an extremely enjoyable day, together with excellent instruction. As you will recall, neither of us were very good at the start, and not a whole lot better at the end, but we both feel that we learnt a hell of a lot some of which we can practice at home(last night at around 10.40pm I was walking the dog and found myself practising the sideways shuffle, good job it was dark!). GG, 28.11.5

We thought the lesson was good. Well structured and managed by you. Easily integrated the first-timers and those that had been a few times. Good variety with the different activities (breaking the technique down into parts, the short races, 'hill' climb etc) so overall really good and very enjoyable. CM, 19.10.5

The course was great, no complaints at all. You were a friendly and enthusiastic teacher. I always wanted to try rollerskiing ever since I saw the biathletes rollerskillng in the middle of nowhere on the side of the transCanada highway. SD, 4.4.5

Iain, Andy - Just a quick note to say thanks to both of you for all the effort and hard
work you put into the holiday. It was a huge success - I enjoyed it and learnt lots! If you run a similar trip at the same time next year, I'd like first refusal on a place please! JT, 6.1.6

I thoroughly enjoyed my single lesson last month and would have loved to have had more lessons but Sunday mornings clash with other things. RD, 14.2.6

Thanks for the course, I really enjoyed it after a slow start (on my part!) I think that you have the tone of the course pretty much right given the variety of people on the course. It's always difficult when you don't know what standard people will be at and i thought you pitched it at a good level given that you had complete beginners, as well as people who had done some roller skiing/cross country before. From my own point of view it was good to be able to make a significant amount of progress in a short period of time and to have plenty of ideas of exercises to help me to improve - I have been doing a lot of standing on one leg!! The course was fun and informative and gave everyone the opportunity to push themselves, without being too scared. WS, 8.2.6

Many thanks to you both for the course on Sunday it was very well run and I really enjoyed the day. The benefits were much better than I expected. Not only did it improve my skating technique for x-country skiing but it's also a great alternative to running. I'm training for the London Marathon and it can get tedious running several times a week and I seem to be more prone to injury. NB, 10.2.6

Just wanted to say that we all enjoyed the morning at Dornay. it certainly is the best practice for cross country skiing. Just a pity I live in Yorkshire! Anyway that doesn't mean you won't see us again. Pip is keen to have a go at the classic style so we'll keep an eye on the web for any news on that. GM, 14.2.6

We had a brillant roller ski lesson last weekend in Hyde Park with Mary [Wray] and now we would like to buy roller skis. Hence I am contacting you, as I know you do mail order. RN, 5.2.6




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