Rollerski 1-day courses

UPDATE Next course: Sunday 10 December.

Other 1-day courses - Redbridge, 3 December

Our courses at Dorney Lake offer the chance to learn the basics of rollerskiing in the classic and skating technique, or to improve, or transfer existing skills from snow.

As with all our instruction, the emphasis is on teaching with cross-country skiing in mind, so you can ski better on snow - and enjoy the thrills of cross-country skiing, ski touring and cross country ski racing all the more!

We focus on developing good balance on rollerskis, and will cover the basic 'gears' of classic and skating techniques. We provide all the equipment you need - skis, poles, boots, kneepads. Or choose an 'instruction-only' option, if you have your own equipment.

The skating part of the day takes you through the essential elements of the three skating 'gears' - skate 1, skate 2 and skate 3 as well as double poling. On classic we will go through the gears of diagonal stride, kick double pole and double poling. We work hard to develop good balance and body positions. We hope you'll continue on rollerskis and snow!

Our Level 2 course will focus on refining technique, and we bring in a lot more exercises for developing technique, on skating and classic rollerskis. Suitable for recreational and racing skiers interested in advancing technically. Click here for meeting point

For regular training at Dorney in the Autumn / Winter, join our Team Dorney group.

Each course takes place from 10am to 4pm. Course costs £87 and includes a packed lunch. (Or £72 if you do not need to borrow any equipment). Junior discount - here. Parking is free.


Equipment provided - £87
Shoe size (UK)

Using own equipment - £72



Autumn / Winter Dorney courses 2017-18:

The courses are on Sundays. We have 2 sessions before lunch and 1 session after lunch. We offer beginners' (Level 1) and more advanced (Level 2) groups. We usually do Skating technique before lunch and Classic technique after.

10 December
7 January
21 January
4 February
18 February
4 March


Useful information:

Please bring gloves and a filled out safety questionnaire to your first session.

Classic vs skating


Dorney info

Team Dorney

We recommend that you do a few 'balance' exercises beforehand, such as:
1. standing on one foot (1 min each foot x 3);
2. jumping sideways from one foot and land on the other, and hold balance;
3. balance on one foot and jump forward (feet parallel) and land on the other.
It is best to stand with you knee over your toe - when you do these exercises.

For any more information please contact us either by email or call Iain on 07968 286129 or 020 8348 2540.


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