News - 5/1/6
Norwegian tabloid 'HA' reports on our Waymark+Rollerski holiday

This is what the Norwegian tabloid, HA, made of our inaugural Waymark+Rollerski holiday to Sjusjoen, when they encountered us on the snow.


The headline translates as 'From Rollerski to Christmas ski'. The translation is below (thanks to Helen Wood and friend for this):

> > From Rollerskis to Christmas Skiing
> Caption says: "this gang has travelled from london to sjusjoen to
> learn to ski.Yesterday they had their frist outing on real snow."
> It then names everyone.
> Main article reads: Behind these hats and scarves lurks a busy gang
> of Brits. Yesterday they tested out the Christmas snow at Sjusjoen
> after having trained on rollerskis in London.
> Skiing is extremely difficult, in every possible way. Laura Long
> believes that both to coordinate oneself and to use one's strength
> correctly is difficult. She was one of the Britons who went back
> and forth on Birkebeinerloypa (roughly "birch feet track")
> yesterday, without poles, but with great energy and enthusiasm. And
> on snow tracks for the very first time.
> The energetic Britons and their instructor AK from Belfast arrived
> in Sjusjoen on Wednesday evening. But the Britons were not total
> novices at that point. They have trained together on London's
> streets on rollerskis befor they arrived at Sjusjoen to test the
> Christmas snow.
> "This is the 5th time I have been here" says Andrew. "the place is
> perfect for cross country". He helps his nephew, who arranges
> lessons and goes on ski trips.
> There was a Christmascard atmosphere at Sjusjoen yesterday, with
> beautiful light from the low sun and glittering new snow spread out
> over the landscape and trees. But the beauty was mostly before one
> left the car. At -9 and with a biting wind, we needed courage to
> stay out on the slopes. Some of the Brits didn't think it was
> especially cold with -9 and a biting wind. "
> GH of the S ski centre would have liked a few more visitors to
> reach the absolute top. "the weather has, until now, been too cold,
> until the last group of visitors set out. But even so we have had a
> good deal of visitors. Many foreigners often come before Christmas:
> Germans, Dutch and English. Many of them have never seen snow
> before."
> It was perhaps no chance then that two Danes jumping together made
> some of the most spectacular jumps (and falls) when S organised a
> children's jump yesterday.

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