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Hyde Park 5-wk SK rollerski course, begins Sat 1 November
Dorney Lake 1-day rollerski course, Sunday 9 November

Redbridge 1-day rollerski course, Sunday 30 November

Hyde Park each Saturday AM, Dorney Lake once or twice a month
90 minute beginners' sessions
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GET ROLLERSKIING! Roller skiing is cross-country skiing without snow. It offers a great low-impact, full body exercise, with all the benefits of cross-country skiing - the ultimate fitness sport. It's suitable for all ages and abilities, for beginners and more experienced skiers alike. We offer expert instruction in London and Windsor, and sell the equipment.

Now is a great time to start rollerskiing, to prepare for the snow. Here you can find links to our rollerski classes, courses, private instruction and online shop.

Left: Rollerski Vercors , Savoyarde Skimarathon


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Redbridge 1-day rollerski course, Sunday 30 November
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AUTUMN 2014 INSTRUCTION PROGRAMME: We have regular Saturday AM beginners sessions and 5-week courses in Hyde Park, Monday evenings in Surrey and Wednesday evenings in Cambridge . Our 1-day courses at Dorney Lake near Windsor are a great way to start or improve if you live outside London. Our regular rollerski 'club' sessions in Hyde Park and Cambridge will take you to the next level. Whichever stage you are at, we have something to suit.


Dorney Lake 1-day course, Sun 9 November

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