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Our rollerski club offers training in London each week.

Our London sessions are in Hyde Park each Tuesday evening and Saturday morning, and the Olympic Park (East London) on Sunday mornings.

Each session is 90 minutes to 2 hours. Training varies, but we focus on building up strength, speed and endurance, as well as technique.

Members can also come to occasional circuit training and 'ski ganging' sessions which we put on during the year, and you can sign up for the other more technique based sessions (see courses). We also encourage members to take part in races, on rollerskis and on snow.

Apart from becoming a better skier, you will have fun with other like minded skiers, and get much fitter as you do it. The club offers something for both recreational skiers, and racers. In 2008 we affiliated to Snowsport England as the 'London Cross-Country Ski Club', and increasing numbers have allowed us to provide more performance coaching sessions. All members can also attend sessions in Surrey and Oxfordshire run by the Thames Valley XC Ski Club.

BACKGROUND: Our club was set up to help skiers improve technically, after having learnt to rollerski, or having come from a cross-country skiing background already. We now have a large contingent of committed members, and on Saturdays we have 3 groups of skiers / instructors - which allows us to offer a wider variety of training options. The club focuses more on coaching than instruction.

ETHOS: The club brings the same enthusiastic and individual approach which comes with our instruction, focusing more on developing skiers' performance, and not just technical instruction. Sessions will have a greater emphasis on developing fitness, strength, and endurance - to make you fitter and better skiers on rollerskis and snow.


  • Club sessions -
    • Hyde Park: Saturday mornings, 09.15; Tueday evenings, 18.30;
    • Olympic Park (East London): Sunday mornings, 08.55
  • Emphasis on training rather than instruction - sessions to focus on developing speed, stamina, balance & strength, not just technique;
  • Only for those who have done a course, or already know how to rollerski safely, competently and who understand the basic techniques;
  • 'Drop in' approach welcomed - skiers aren't expected to come to every session;
  • For recreational skiers and potential racers alike;
  • Variety of coaches to be involved, but with a consistent approach;
  • Coaching aimed at developing skiers into good on-snow skiers (whether you want to ski on snow or not!) and racers, if that's your aim;
  • Each session to have a particular theme - to be published in advance;
  • We aim for a maximum ratio of 8:1 skiers/coach ratio for most sessions, and will not exceed 10:1 (instructors' limit for insurance);
  • Good value monthly club fee, to pay for coaching (and ski hire);
  • Additional ad hoc sessions - such as rollerski tours, 'ski ganging' and circuit training, all included in the coaching fee.

PROGRAMME: Click here for details of our programme.

JUNIORS: although most of our members are adults, we are the leading club in England for junior roller skiers and have sent more members to the British Nordic Development Squad (BNDS) than any other English club. We have a group of very supportive parents and many of our instructors are involved in the BNDS, either as instructors or as athletes.

COACHING: coaching will come from our existing team - see our profiles here - but we occasionally arrange for guest coaches to lead occasional sessions, each with their own experience and insights.

TOURS: we will organise ad hoc tours and trips, which will be open to club members and all-comers.

ON-SNOW: we anticipate members having their own on-snow objectives and plans. We offer trips which you can conisder, but the club is for all, whatever you want to do on snow!

WHO CAN JOIN: the club is for everyone, young and old, fit or not. Proficiency on rollerskis is a definite pre-requisite, but if you can't currently rollerski, our instruction will get you skiing well within weeks - depending on your fitness and balance. Join a course or book an individual lesson.

MEMBERS' CHALLENGES: members come for many different reasons, but frequently have a challenge in mind - eg improving skiing for holidays, cross-country ski races, arctic expeditions, biathlon races & national team, telemark racing, rollerski racing and running marathons. The training we do helps all of this.

COST: The cost is £37 per month excluding ski hire, or £50 per month including ski hire when you pay by Standing Order (discount for juniors). We'd encourage you to buy your own skis sooner rather than later, as you will benefit for being able to train on your own between club sessions, and on tours. You can join by Standing Order or PayPal - click here for the joining page. There is also the option to pay per session.

ANY QUESTIONS: Please email club@rollerski.co.uk if you need any more information on the club.

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