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Rollerski Club: Hyde Park & Olympic Park
Summer / Autumn 2021 Programme

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Our training takes place each week on Saturdays mornings and Tuesday evenings in Hyde Park and Sunday mornings in the Olympic Park, East London. We have some extra special sessions which we notify members by email.

We are more or less back to normal. But PLEASE follow the new Covid protocols: wear gloves at all times, do not leave belongings in the van, keep your distance.



Hyde Park: Saturday Mornings & Tuesday Evenings | Olympic Park: Sunday Mornings


Each week there will be three groups, enabling us to integrate new members, while pushing more experienced skiers. There should be something for everyone at every session, with a mix of technique, strength and fitness -

  • In the Intermediate group skiers who have recently started or returned to skiing will be nurtured to build up confidence and technique. More experienced skiers are also welcome, and will be pushed a little harder, but this is the session for people who want a lighter workout;
  • In the Medium group, the focus will be on both technique and fitness - this is for any confident skiers, and the focus will be on sustaining technical changes over longer periods, and maintaining it at a decent speed;
  • In the Medium/Hard group, there will be lots of hard work! Instead of bombarding you with large amount of technical information, the focus will be on doing rather than talking. The only way to learn how to ski at speed and sprint is to ski at speed and sprint... The key to this is that the coaches will find the one or two key things that you need to work on to get the biggest return, rather than a large amount of technical discussion.
  • Training sessions: Saturday Mornings, 09.15, Tuesday evenings, 18.15. Meet at the Triangle Carpark - map.

It takes many factors to make a good skier – technique, strength, fitness, agility and the ability to adapt to different terrain are just some of the skills required. Therefore there will be a variety of different sessions available to cover each of these skills.



There are extra sessions (Richmond Park tours, hill practice in Highgate, social events, etc) which we will let you know about via the club email (which we can add you to if you join).



Olympic Park sessions take place each Sunday morning at 08.55. (please contact instructor Adam to confirm, adam@rollerski.co.uk). The meeting point is 99 Wallis Road, Hackney Wick E9, see map here. The programme will be based around the skiers who attend.


Note that sessions may be adjusted in the short-term to suit the needs of people attending the club. Weekly e-mails will inform you about the plans for the coming weekend - if you are not already receiving them, please e-mail jordan@rollerski.co.uk

Challenges are meant to be Challenging! If you manage everything the first time you try it, then we as coaches aren't doing our jobs properly - and when you do manage it, you can feel really proud of yourself.

We also have a strength focus each session – between 10 and 30 minutes will be spent of a variety of different strength work, as this is where the largest improvements can be obtained, by the most number of people. This time will give you ideas about what you can be doing in your own time to improve this.


Jordan - Jordan Andrews - Manager
Adam - Adam Guzda - Head of East London
Barb - Barbara Grogan
Posy - Posy Musgrave
Katya - Ekaterina Rachel
Alan - Alan Eason
Flic - Felicity Bertram
Iain - Iain Ballentine








The programme includes training in Hyde Park and other venues - plenty of preparation to get you ready for skiing on snow in the Autumn and Winter; and getting you fit in general in the Spring and Summer.



We'll also add several random sessions, running with poles and ski ganging, members will be notified of these by email.