Cross-country skis

This season we have expanded our range of classic skis, with three Salomon 'Skin' skis in our classic range. Skin skis allow you to dispense with grip waxing, for a more hassle-free skiing experience, and are particularly useful when snow conditions are around zero, and grip wax is difficult to get right.

We also sell Salomon's top S/Lab and S/Race Skating and Classic skis, which are among the best skis on the market for racing, and are the choice of GB's Andrew Musgrave. These are great skis if you want to be serious about racing, in ski marathons or national championships, or if you just want to ski faster. And we also stock Salomon's RS 8 Skating and RC 8 Classic skis, which are a good choice for the less serious racer, or first time cross-country skier.

Packages including skis, boots and poles are available here.

The length of the ski is based mainly on your weight, see the selection below. We ask for your weight to the nearest KG, to select the best skis at the correct ski length. If you are not sure which skis to go for, please email, or call us on 020 3026 5195 for more advice.


Prices include delivery within the UK (excluding Scottish Highlands & Islands). For overseas and Scottish Highlands & Islands customers we have an extra shipping charge, which you can add here. Free ski ties.


UPDATE 10.11.21 - We are currently experiencing difficulties getting cross-country skis into stock. Please contact me - or 07968 286129 - to confirm availablility before placing your order.


Classic Skin / Grip skis

Salomon Escape 6 Grip Classic skis - £94


More info Ski bags Waxes Classic waxless 'fishscale' skis for difficult waxing conditions, and for skiers who don't want the hastle of grip waxing. These skis are straightforward but sporty skis with good grip, ideal for enjoying snow in the UK and overseas.

Ski length:
Weight (kg):

With bindings attached - £136
Upgrade bindings

Ski length: :
Weight (kg):
Binding type:
Skate skis

Salomon RS 8 Skate skis - £152


More info Ski bags Waxes Entry level performance skate skis, for all snow conditions. In stock. Package

Ski length:
Weight (kg):

With bindings attached - £196
Upgrade bindings

Ski length: :
Weight (kg):
Binding type:
Other skis - we can order in other skis and boots from Salomon's range, if you have any particular requirments. We may do a discount for large team orders. Just email us,, or call 020 3026 5195 for more details.

Ski ties - £6.95 - Smart cross-country ski ties, for keeping skis together. (Free with every pair of skis / package ordered).


Ski bags

NEW KV+ Big Trolley Ski Bag - £98

Bag for transporting skis. Will hold up to 8 pairs of skis plus poles and accessories. (Or fewer skis and plenty of kit). 208cm long. It is quite a soft bag, but has the advantage of wheels for some gentle trolleying.

NEW KV+ 3 Pairs 208 Ski Bag - £28

Bag for transporting skis. Will hold up to 3 pairs of skis plus poles and accessories. (Or 2 pairs and plenty of kit). 208cm long.

Salomon Nordic 3 Pairs Padded Ski Pro Sleeve - OUT OF STOCK - £58

Ideal for taking skis on the plane, the fully padded Nordic Pro Sleeve carries 3 pairs, plus poles, and has a protective "klister sleeve" so klister won't contaminate the rest of your equipment. Or carry fewer skis and pad the bag out with clothes and other soft items.
Bindings upgrade  

NEW Prolink Shift Race Classic Moveable bindings

Upgrade from standard Prolink Shift Pro bindings (fitted as standard on all the Salomon 'Skin' skis) to better Prolink Shift Race bindings -

Prolink Shift Pro Bindings upgrade - £10


NEW Prolink Shift Pro Classic bindings + plate

Upgrade from standard screw-on classic bindings (fitted to older model classic skis) to movable Prolink Shift bindings, with screw-on Shift plate added to the skis -

Prolink Shift Pro Bindings + plate upgrade - £58


Prolink Classic / Skate Race

Upgrade to NNN compatible Salomon Prolink Race Classic or Skate bindings. These are lighter and lower than standard bindings. More info -

Bindings upgrade - £14

Binding Type :





Propulse Carbon Classic

Upgrade your classic bindings to the Salomon Propulse Carbon CL or CL2 bindings. The Propulse Carbon CL binding is the lightest Pilot compatible classic binding available and gives the lowest possible connection between the boot and ski. The CL2 has a plate either side of the ridge, giving more protection to the surface of the ski. We would tend to fit the Propulse RC binding on cross-country skis.

Binding upgrade, £12 -

Binding Type :



Pilot Carbon Skate

Upgrade your bindings to the Salomon Pilot Carbon RS bindings. The Pilot Carbon RS binding is the lightest Pilot binding available, with the lowest profile for optimum performance. For more info see - here.

Binding upgrade, £12 -

Binding Type :


Rottefella Xcelerator CL, SK

Upgrade to the Rottefella Xcelerator NNN binding. We will fit the Rottefella Mounting Plate and attach the bindings for the specified shoe size. Available for classic and skating skis. More info.

Binding upgrade, including mounting plate - £18






Basic waxing equipment

Basic waxes - these waxes are good for getting started. Skating skis require only glide wax. Traditional classic skis require glide and grip wax, and classic 'grip' fishscale skis require only glide wax. We can send a free waxing booklet with wax orders, please let us know if you would like one.


Glide waxing - for skating & classic skis


NEW Rode R Glide waxes kit x4 - £35 - Rode R20 (-6 to -12 deg C), R30 (-2 to -7 deg C), R40 (0 to -4 deg C) and R50 (+1 to -2 deg C) waxes.


Individual wax - £12

Wax type:


Plastic scraper - £8.95


Brush - £15.95


Rode Waxing Iron - £49.95

Grip waxing - for classic waxable skis

Grip waxing kit - £19.95 - Rode Rossa Klister (-2 to +4 deg C), Multigrade Purple (0 to -2 deg C), Multigrade Green (-3 to -7 deg C), synthetic cork, klister scraper.

Replacement Skins

Salomon SkinRace POMOCA replacement skins (pair) - £27

Available in -
Small 390mm: all ski lengths up to 196cm; and
Large 440mm: 201cm and 206cm

How to switch the skin video - here
Skins will last typically 1-2 seasons

Skin length:
DVDs - Training & Waxing

DVD Successful Cross Country Coaching Series
Coaching presentations from a selection of the US ski team's top coaches. Also on development of juniors and ski service. More info

Volume 1 - 3x DVDs - £29.95 -

Volume 2 - 2x DVDs - £18.00 -