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Multi-terrain roller skis give skiers the chance to experience a wider variety of terrain and go further afield in training. As well as tarmac, skiers can get a good workout on hard-packed dirt and gravel surfaces. Most models come standard with substantial brakes, which add to their versatility.

Multi-terrain roller skiing has grown considerably in recent years, and there has been a great deal of innovation and development in creating new products. They are great training for track cross-country skiers, but also increasingly backcountry and Alpine ski touring skiers, for whom the extra weight of larger wheels is less of a drawback.

The Skike roller skis offer exceptional versatility and off-road ability, and come with heavy duty brakes fitted as standard. The V9 model is used with your own shoes, so no need for ski boots. Powerslide produces the XC Skeleton Trinity skating roller skis which you use with your own shoes, and come with a single brake, and the XC Trainer 150 skis which come with an integrated shoe fitted.


Prices of roller skis below include free delivery within the UK, EU, USA and Canada.

Powerslide | Skike | Accessories

Powerslide multi-terrain rollerskis

SALE Powerslide XC Trainer 150 roller skis - £260
With a fitted boot in place for better connection between you and the ski, this ski offers great control. 1x calf brake fitted. Skating technique only.
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Skike multi-terrain rollerskis

Skike V7 Plus Pro rollerskis - £294
Entry level rollerski for skating technique
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Skike V9 Tour 150 rollerskis - £482
New design with lighter 150mm wheels for more agile peformance on tarmac as well as hard packed dirt and gravel tracks.
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Accessories & spare parts

KV+ Cross Skate bag - £34
Rollerski bag, for multi-terrain rollerskis / cross skates. Will fit all Skike models.


2x Mudguards, for skating - £16

Mudguards for Powerslide X-Plorer Skating and X-Trail rollerskis. Set of 2, for the rear wheels.

Tech info


Powerslide inner tube, 150mm - £5.78
Inner tube to fit all Powerslide wheels


Skike V9 Mudguards set of 4 - £16
2x Front and 2x Rear mudguards for Skike V9 roller skis..

Wheel size:

NEW Skike V7 / V07 / VX Mudguards set of 4 - £16
2x Front and 2x Rear mudguards for Skike V7 / V07 / VX roller skis..

Wheel size:

Skike Complete Cross Wheel, 150mm - £34
For Skike V9, V7 Plus, v7 FIX, v8 roller skis.


Skike Complete Cross Wheel, 150mm + ratchet - £52
For Skike V9, V7 Plus, v7 FIX, v8 roller skis, includes one-way 'reverse lock' ratchet mechanism.


Skike Complete Cross Wheel, 125mm + ratchet - £42
For Skike R8 Nordic rollerskis only, includes one-way 'reverse lock' ratchet mechanism.


Skike inner tube, 150mm - £6.50
Inner tube to fit all Skike 150mm wheels (V07, V7, V8, VX, V9 model with 150mm wheels)


Skike inner tube, 200mm - £6.50
Inner tube to fit Skike 200mm wheels (Skike V9 models with 200mm wheels only)


Skike inner tube, 125mm - £6.50
Inner tube to fit all Skike 125mm wheels, R8 models


Skike tyre change tool - £20
Designed to change tyres of 125mm and 150mm. Makes it considerably easier to remove tyres and get to the Inner tube.


Skike Wahia brake - £98
Brake - to fit Skike R8 / R9 roller skis, and other regular roller skis
These fit onto the boot


Pump - £12
Compact and portable pump, for all inflatable roller ski wheels.



SKIKE WARRANTY INFORMATION: All Skikes are supplied with a unique 'RFID' number and card. You should keep this in case of any warranty issues. Warranty claims are best dealt with through the Skike website. You can register an account and submit a warranty claim here - We will always help if you have any issues with this process. In our experience Skike deals with claims quite efficiently.