Our view on rollerskis

We use most of the rollerskis we sell every week, to teach skiers in London. What we look for are high quality, hard wearing skis, which give skiers the closest feeling to skiing on snow.

Read on to see what we think of the rollerskis we sell.



Classic rollerskis  
NEW Our view on Fischer Speedmax Classic - 100% carbon construction makes this roller ski one of the lightest on the market, at 830g per ski (Medium) and 850g per ski (Stiff), excluding binding. Slightly longer and lower than the other classic skis we sell. An incredible leap forward in roller ski technology. Despite 'Speedmax' name, these are fitted with regular training wheels, not faster racing wheels.
Our view on Swenor Fibreglass - The ski is made of the same material as XC skis, giving it a good ski feel. It is slightly curved over the kick zone which bends as you kick down - like a classic ski on snow. Popular with racers due to lower weight. New graphics for 2018.
Our view on Swenor Alutech - a very stable classic rollerski which is ideal for beginners. The ski is made from lightweight but high quality Aluminium, and the wheels are interchangeable with the Swenor Fibreglass. Used as matched skis for the London 1-Hour Classic race. Pics
Our view on Swenor Finstep - a great classic rollerski. The same ski construction as the Fibreglass, but with slighly larger wheels. Very smooth ride from wheels and ski construction.
Our view on Swenor Carbonfibre - very similar construction to the Fibreglass rollerski, but with slightly smaller wheels. This makes it a lighter rollerski, and more nimble. Very smooth ride from wheels and ski construction. Ideal for skiers under 65kg.
  Our view on Marwe 700A classic - stable and hard wearing classic wheels. Light aluminium frame is hard wearing and good quality. New graphics for 2018.  
  Our view on Marwe 700XC classic - with usual Marwe quality, these are hard wearing rollerskis and slower than the Swenor Finstep and Fibreglass rollerskis. A composite ski construction, similar to cross-country skis, gives an exceptionally smooth ride. 'Standard' and 'Stiff' ski options for skiers weighing below and above 80kg. Press  

Our view on Alpina ECR 76 Classic - classic rollerski from Alpina, with stylish composite frame. Hard wearing wheels of excellent quality. More

Skating rollerskis  
Our view on Marwe 610A skis - the Marwe 610A roller ski has a strong metal ski component and the same hard wearing, high quality wheels as the Marwe 620XC. The 610A is the choice of the IBU who run rollerski biathlon races on matched Marwe 610A rollerskis. Medium US6 wheels are fitted as standard, fast US0 and slow US8 wheels are available. New graphics for 2018.
Our view on Marwe 620XC skis - with a composite ski component and high quality urethane wheels, these Marwe skating skis have a smooth, ski like feel, for which Marwe is famed. Medium US6 wheels are fitted as standard, with fast US0 and slow US8 wheels available. Also a choice of Standard (up to 80kg) and Stiff (80kg +) frames. More Press

  Our view on Swenor Skate skis - a favourite of the Norwegian and, lately, the GB cross-country ski teams. Light aluminium frame with medium-fast #2 wheels fitted as standard, uncomplicated and robust design. Supplied with mudguards. Athletes' review  

Our view on SRB SR01+ skis - updated version of SRB's legendary SR01 rollerskis. Ligther frame than before, with curved underside. Fitted with integrated NIS plate, for Rottefella Xcelerator bindings
  Our view on Swenor Skate Junior - These skis are for younger skating skiers (aged 8-12). Youth skate ski of choice for the Huntly Nordic Ski Club, and other leading clubs.  
Multi-terrain rollerskis        
  Our view on Skike V9 Fire 150 rollerski - This is a primarily skating roller ski for use on a variety of different terrain. New design with larger and more substantial wheels, and upgraded ski components for better off road performance. Ratchets fitted to allow a little classic technique, and prevent you from rolling backwards. 150mm wheels are lighter than some other wheels, which means they are a little more nimble and are good for hard packed dirt and gravel as well as tarmac trails.  
  Our view on Skike R9 Wahia rollerski - This is a skating rollerski for use on a variety of different terrain. With proven 150mm wheels and strong frames, these use regular cross-country ski bindings and boots. Can also be fitted with Skike's new 'Wahia' brake.  
  Our view on Skike V7 Plus Pro rollerski - Designed as a cross between rollerskiing and inline skating, this offers an excellent workout on a variety of terrains. The ski is used with regular shoes, and the heel is fixed. Basic model, ideal for beginners. Sturdy brake. Mudguards fitted as standard in 2019.  
  Our view on Powerslide XC Skeleton Trinity off-road skating rollerski - With superior materials and excellent fitting for a variety of shoe sizes, this skating roller skis offers smooth and stylish multi terrain roller skiing. For full tech info see here.  
  Our view on Powerslide X-Plorer off-road skating rollerski - German designed off-road rollerski, good for replicating XC skiing on rougher surfaces. Proper cross-country ski bindings & pre-drilled holes. Available in 2 sizes: 620mm for shoe sizes 8.5 & below; 680mm for shoe sizes 9 and above.  
  Our view on Skirollo Diablo off-road skating rollerski - Italian equivalent of the Powerslide X-Plorer. Slightly shorter 575mm frame for smaller shoe sizes makes for a more agile skiing experience, over a variety of terrains.  
Combi rollerskis        
Our view on Marwe 590A - good low speed stability from these rollerskis, even if you do sacrifice a bit of skating technique. Good choice for beginners needing to build up balance. The ratchet allows you to do the classic technique. Fitted with hard wearing rubber wheels. Excellent value, lightweight aluminium frame. New graphics for 2018.
Our view on Marwe 590XC - Skating with Ratchet - same wheels as the 590A (above), but a composite ski offers a smoother ride. 'Standard' and 'Stiff' ski options for skiers weighing below and above 80kg.
  Our view on Fischer RCJ Combi - stable and hard wearing classic wheels. Tough aluminium frame. Longer and more substantial than the Swenor Tristar, and good for adults as well as teenagers (15+). Made by famous ski company Fischer, in Ukraine.  

  Our view on Swenor Tristar Combi - an entry level rollerski which is especially popular with novice and youth skiers. Aluminium ski with rubber wheels, and ratchet for classic and skating skiing.  
Our view on Start Combi - popular with skiers in the Cairngorms and York, this is a well regarded entry level combi rollerski. Its harder wheels give it more speed than a Marwe combi (below), and it is particularly well suited to good tarmac tracks.
Racing rollerskis        
  Our view on RollX Team Edition - fast racing rollerskis, ideal for racers looking for maximum speed. Different rubber compounds for different weights. Choice of FIS Rollerski World Championship winning athletes.  
  Our view on RollX World Cup Edition - latest fast racing rollerskis for RollX. For heavier (male) skiers. Choice of FIS Rollerski World Championship winning athletes.  
  Our view on Swenor Alutech Racing - fast racing classic rollerskis with urethane wheels. Stable Alutech rollerski frame can be used with training wheels (interchangeable with Swenor Fibreglass). Available with ultra low resistance ceramic bearings.  
  Our view on Powerslide X-Trail 110 - these good value, light and stable rollerskis come with slightly quicker wheels than standard training rollerskis, making them ideal for racing beginners.