Victoria Park - 5-week rollerski courses

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Victoria Park is our newest rollerski hub, our the first in East London. Instructor Adam Guzda, who lives locally, is running the courses on Sunday mornings -

  • Venue: Victoria Park, East London. Meet @ St Anges Gate. Map
  • Cost: £128 for 5-week course, including equipment hire, £98 excluding equipment
  • imings: Sunday mornings, 11.00-12.30
    • Begins 7th January: 5-wk classic course
    • Begins 25th February: 5-wk skating course
  • Format: the first 4 weeks will be technical instruction, building up technique. The 5th week will be an introduction to training, taking place at 09.30. We now have a regular training group in Victoria Park which meets weekly from 09.30 to 11.00.
  • Need to bring: gloves, cycle helmet


If you happen to miss a week, you can either make it up by coming to a subsequent course, or by coming one of our sessions in Hyde Park, which take place on Saturday mornings, or any other course. You can find our full course listing here.

Student and youth discounts are available here.

Adam is a Snowsport England Level 3 rollerski instructor. He works as a teacher in East London, and was a member of the Polish biathlon (cross-country skiing and shooting) team.

Victoria Park lies in the heart of East London. It has masses of character, combinding ancient trees and architecture with the youthful energy of London's most creative quarter. Its excellent tarmac surfaces make it ideal for roller skiing, and in an around the park there are some excellent places for 'Apres Ski' coffee or brunch.


Classic rollerski course


Classic is the traditional form of cross-country skiing, evolving as a way of getting about on snow. The skis travel in parallel, and don't go backwards. On snow you have grip wax or 'skins', which stop the skis when you push down as the other ski glides forward. Classic rollerskis have a 'one-way' ratchet wheel which mean they don't roll backwards.

We build up the classic rollerski technique from the basics, again focusing very much on balance. Over the 4 weeks of the technical instruction, we bring in the poles and get to grips with the various gears of 'diagonal stride', 'double pole' and 'double pole kick'.

By week 4, you should be able to ski a reasonable distance, and also stop and turn. Classic and skating rollerskiing are roughly equal in terms of difficulty - you might prefer one or the other technique. But each technique helps the other, and you will use slightly different muscles and balance. Week 5 will be an introduction to training on rollerskiing.

We want to get you to a standard where you can ski independently at the park and / or get the most from future training sessions.

You can book the classic course here -


CLASSIC, including equipment, £128

Shoe size (UK):
Excluding equipment, £98


Student / youth discount here.



Skating rollerski course


Skating technique is the newer form of cross-country skiing, more similar in style to ice skating or roller blading. It is the quicker of the two styles (the other being classic) and used in biathlon (cross-country skiing and shooting).

The course will cover the different 'gears' of skate skiing, as well as stopping and turning. The initial session will focus on balance and 'legwork', with lots of drills and games. Each week we build up the technique, so by week four you should have a good basic ability in the technique, and be able to change style as the terrain changes.

As with our classic instruction, we always teach rollerskiing as if you are going to do cross-country skiing on snow, so you can easily transfer your rollerski skills.

You can book the course here -

SKATING, including equipment, £128

Shoe size (UK):
Excluding equipment, £98


Student / youth disount here.


Other Information:

Please bring gloves with you, and a filled in safety questionnaire if it is your first session..

If you happen to miss a week of the course, we encourage you to come along another session - either to Hyde Park on a Saturday or Tuesday evening - or to another Victoria Park session after the course has finished. We'll try to help you cover what you've missed.

Adam is also available for private lessons in Victoria Park on Sundays before / after the course, you can email him, adam@rollerski.co.uk

Classic vs skating


For any more information please contact us either by emailing iain@rollerski.co.uk or calling us on 07968 286129 or 020 8348 2540.