5-week skating rollerski courses

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Join our 5-week skating rollerski course: 4 weeks of techical instruction, followed by 1 week introduction to training.

This skating rollerski course will get you up to speed with the exciting form of skating cross-country skiing. This is the style used in biathlon (skiing and shooting) and in the popular Engadin Ski Marathon, which takes place every March.

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6.1.18 - Saturday mornngs, 5-week course, Hyde Park - 18.30 - beginners
16.1.18 - Tuesday evenings, 5-week course, Hyde Park - 18.30 - beginners
3.2.18 - Saturday mornngs, 5-week course, Hyde Park - 18.30 - beginners
6.3.18 - Tuesday evenings, 5-week course, Hyde Park - 18.30 - beginners

Our 5-week skating courses in Hyde Park offer the chance to learn the skating technique of cross-country skiing. No previous experience is needed - but some balance will help.

As with all our instruction, the emphasis is on teaching with cross-country skiing in mind, so you can transfer your skills onto snow - and enjoy the thrills of cross-country skiing, ski touring and cross country ski racing all the more!

We focus on developing good balance on rollerskis, and initially cover the basic 'gears' of skating techniques. We go on to develop skills such as turning, negotiating hills and making the transition onto snow.

We work hard to develop good balance and body positions and encourage everyone on the course to continue rollerskiing and cross country skiing once the course finishes. The first 4 weeks focuses on technique, while the 5th week is an introduction to classic rollerski training. We hope you will go on to join our regular training group.

You can book the course online below - numbers will be limited to 8 per instructor (usually we have about 6 per instructor).

Each session will last for 2 hours. The course costs £128 including equipment hire and £98 excluding equipment. Click here for meeting point


SKATING rollerski course: Including equipment, £128

Shoe size (UK)
Excluding equipment, £98
  Student / youth discount, see here.

Useful information:

Please bring gloves and a filled out safety questionnaire to your first session.

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For any more information please contact us either by email or call Iain on 07968 286129 or 020 8348 2540.



Image below - Engadin Ski Marathon, Switzerland, every March