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Salomon Propulse RC and RC2 bindings

Following a successful debut at the Vancouver Olympics, Salomon have now introduced their Propulse RC and RC2 bindings to general sale in Europe. These bindings are available now on all our rollerskis and cross-country skis.

Both these bindings take a 'back to basics' approach, and are similar in concept to the original Profil binding. The only clip for the boot at the toe. However, the Propulse bindings are only compatable with Pilot boots, and do not fit the old Profil boots.

Improvements over the previous models include lighter weight and grippier handles. They are a simpler device than the Equipe Classic Pilot binding, which means they are less expensive - and have fewer things to go wrong.

NEW - Stiffer Propulse 95 Flexors are available for use when rollerskiing. These add more resistance, which compensates for the extra weight of the rear wheel. Bindings are not available with these Flexors already fitted, but they are inexpensive to buy and are easy to change over. Available here.



Salomon Propulse RC2

This option has a conventional 'heel platform' between the boot and the ski / rollerski. Our impressions are that the RC2 will prove slightly more robust than the RC1, and should be the default choice for most skiers and rollerskiers. The heel platform in acting as a buffer between the ski / rollerski and boot, may help prolong the life of the equipment.

The Propulse RC2 binding provides a flatter platform for the boot.




Salomon Propulse RC1

This option is lighter and does not have the heel platform, so the boot rests directly on the ski, keeping the skier lower. The concept of this is to give the skier a more direct feel and better compression. It looks like this is the version most used by racers at the Vancouver Olympics and gives an extra advantage in racing.

The Propulse RC1 binding provides more of a 'wedged' platform for the boot, as the toe is higher than the heel.





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