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Ski marathon dates

Unfortunately I haven't had time to keep it updated in recent years. However, you can find quite a few ski marathon dates here -

Worldloppet -

NB that is definitely NOT an exhaustive list. You can find a ski marathon somewhere in Norway pretty much any weekend day from late December until the end of March. And it's a similar situation in many other countries.


There are plenty of ski marathons to have a go at, across the world. We have come up with a guide to help you choose -

AUS | AUT | CAN | FIN | FRA | GER | ITA | NOR | SWI | SWE | USA | Other | World Loppet

World Loppet skier - ski marathon racing website
Skiers' reports from 2010 Vasaloppet and Engadin races
Account of 2010 Pustertaler race
Account of 2009 Transjurassienne & Vasaloppet race
BBC report on Engadin Ski Marathon

If a regular running marathon doesn't quite do it for you, and you're up for a challenge, then a ski marathon might be the thing for you. If you have a sense of adventure, and the thought of speeding through pristine forest and Alpine meadow clad only in lycra appeals, give you must give it a try. Physically you will be exhausted - arms, legs, core, it is all being used - but it's no harder than a running marathon, and it's so low impact that you'll probably be out skiing the next day.

The Swiss Engadin and Swedish Vasaloppet are traditionally popular with British skiers, but they are just the tip of the ski marathon iceberg. Each week, from the end of December to the end of April, there's a race on somewhere in the world.

Distances range typically from 20k to 42k, but there are a number of much longer races as well as shorter races put on for children and complete beginners. We've tried to list - as accurately as possible - as many ski marathons in the world as we can find! (Please check details with race organisers before making plans).
Articles: ski marathon tips - training - first time experiences - British racers 2008 - YouTube account of Hyde Park Vasaloppeter

Snowsport England Nordic articles - general advice - specific race info

C - classic
F - free technique (generally skating)
* - various shorter races - see race websites

The Big Ones - see and others

Each country has its 'headline' ski race, which is a member of the international World Loppet series. These range in size themselves - with smaller ski nations typically having smaller fields - but are all run to a consistently high standard.

Many of these races now offer summer running and mountain biking races, along the same scenic courses.

The races of the World Loppet series are as follows -

Date Distance Name Location Country
24/8/13 42k (21k) F Kangaroo Hoppet Falls Creek, Victoria AUS
10/1/14 30k F Jizerska Padesatka Bedrich Liberec CZE
11/1/14 25k C Jizerska Padesatka Classic Liberec CZE
12/1/14 50k (25k) C Jizerska Padesatka Liberec CZE
18/1/14 50k (27k) C, 50k (27k) F American Birkebeiner open track Wisconsin USA
18/1/14 42k (19k) C Dolomitenlauf Lienz AUT
19/1/14 60k (25k) F Dolomitenlauf Lienz AUT
Prep: Exodus
23/1/14 22k C Marcialonga - Lavazzeloppet Moena - Cavalese ITA
26/1/14 70k (45k) C Marcialonga di Fiemme Moena - Cavalese ITA
1/2/14 50k (23k) F Koenig Ludwig Lauf Oberammergau GER
Prep: Exodus
2/2/14 50k (23k) C Koenig Ludwig Lauf Oberammergau GER
2/2/14 50k (25k) F Sapporo Int Ski Marathon Sapporo JPN
8/2/14 50k (25k) C La Transjurassienne CL Jura Mountains FRA
9/2/14 63k (31k) F Tartu Maraton: Open Track Otepaa EST
9/2/14 76k (57k, 25k) F La Transjurassienne FT Jura Mountains FRA
15/2/14 55k (31k) C Gatineau Loppet Hull, Quebec CAN

51k (31k) F

Gatineau Loppet Hull, Quebec CAN
16/2/14 63k (31k) C Tartu Maraton Otepaa EST
21/2/14 30k C Vasaloppet: Kortvasan    
22/2/14 30k C (Ladies) Vasaloppet: Tjej Vasan Salen-Mora SWE
22/2/14 50k (23k) F, 54k (23K C) American Birkebeiner Wisconsin USA
22/2/14 50k (32k) C Finlandia Hiihto Lahti FIN
23-24/2/14 90k C Vasaloppet: Open Track Salen-Mora SWE
23/2/14 50k (20k) F Finlandia Hiihto Lahti FIN
25/2/14 45k C Vasaloppet: HalvVasan Salen-Mora SWE
1/3/14 50k (26k) C Bieg Piastow Szlarska Poreba POL
2/3/14 26k C, 30k F Bieg Piastow Szlarska Poreba POL
2/3/14 17k F (Ladies) Engadin Skimarathon: Frauenlauf St Moritz SUI
2/3/14 90k C Vasaloppet Salen-Mora SWE
8/3/14 30k C (Ladies) Birkebeinerrennet: Inga Laami Lillehammer NOR
9/3/14 28k C Birkebeinerrennet: Half Birken Lillehammer NOR
9/3/14 42k (21k) F Engadin Skimarathon St Moritz SUI
Prep: - Original Travel - - Exodus
14/3/14 54k C Birkebeinerrennet - Fredags Birken Lillehammer NOR
15/3/14 54k C Birkebeinerrennet Lillehammer NOR
Prep: Exodus
15/3/14 50k F Demino Ski Marathon Rybinsk RUS
16/3/14 25k C Demino Ski Marathon Rybinsk RUS

The main races are in bold . More information on the World Loppet organisation can be found via their website,

Don't think, however, that the only big races are the World Loppet races. The biggest race of them all is the Skarvarennet in Geilo, Norway in April. Similarly, some of the large races in continental Europe, such as the Italian La Sgambeda - held in Livigno in December - are bigger than some of the smaller World Loppet races.


The national races

Most of the larger cross-country ski nations have their own series of races, and these tend to be smaller in terms of field, and often more friendly and local in nature. There are some absolute gems, such as the Savoyarde in France, which provides a fantastic feast afterwards for all competitors.

Often these marathons are a big part of resorts' efforts to attract tourists, and much enthusiasm goes into making sure they're well organised, and that visitors are made welcome. Race offices often have links with the local tourist office, and can advise on accommodation and transport.

In the Nordic countries, races are mostly run by the local ski clubs. Often these are multisport clubs, which in summer become football or athletics clubs.

I have listed the countries with the best websites first - Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway and the US seem to lead the way here. However, behind some second rate websites lie some first rate races - so don't let them put you off!


Date Distance Name Location
10-12/1/14 25k, 10k, 2k F, 25k C Ramsau Volkslanglauf Ramsau am Dachstein
18/1/14 42k (20k) C Dolomiten Classic Race Obertilliach
19/1/14 60k (25k) F Dolomitenlauf Lienz
25-26/1/14 42k (21k) Skimarathon Saalfelden Saalfelden
23-26/1/14 25k (14k) C, 55k (35k) F Tannheimertal / Sk Trail Tannheim
1-2/2/14 12.5k, 25k, 50k F, 30k C Steiralauf Salzkammergut
2/2/14 30k, 15k, 5k, 1k F Boehmerwaldlauf Ulrichsberg
8-9/2/14 50/30/20k F, 42/25k C Koasalauf St Johann in Tirol
1-2/3/14 42k (24k) C , 42k (20k) F Ganghoferlauf Seefeld



Germany's been doing well in international competition recently, and a look at their ski marathon series reflect this. There is a great diversity of races in the calendar, and apart from the main races, there are lots of shorter races for kids, and leisure orientated skiers, over the race weekends.

Date Distance Name Location
11-12/1/14 21k, 10k F, 42k, 21k C Erzgebirgs - Ski - Marathon Oberwiesenthal
23-26/1/14 25k, 14k C, 50k, 35k F Tannheimer Tal - Bad Hindelang Tannheim (AUT)
1-2/2/14 55k, 23k F, 55k, 23k C König - Ludwig - Lauf Oberammergau
8-9/2/14 17k F, 30k C Rennsteig - Skilauf Oberhof
15-16/2/14 25k F, 50k, 25k C Internationaler Kammlauf Klingenthal
15-16/3/14 30k F, 42k, 20k C Int. Skadi Loppet Bodenmais


Italy - see calendar

Date Distance Name Location
13/12/13 21k CL La Sgambeda Classic Livigno
15/12/13 42k FT La Sgambeda 2013 Livigno
22/12/13 25k Turmasi Vermiglio Vermiglio
4-5/1/14 30k FT, CL Comelgo Loppet Padola Comelico
5/1/14 9k Rampa con i campioni Val di Fiemme
12/1/14 60k CL Pustertaler Classic Dobbiaco
Prep: Alan Eason,
12/1/14 30k Monterosalauf Gressoney
16/1/14 36-20k CL Moonlight classic Alpe di Siusi
18/1/14 30k Millegrobbe 1^ tappa Lavarone
19/1/14 45k Promenado della Valle Stura Valle Stura
19/1/14 30k Millegrobbe 2^ Tappa Lavarone
23/1/14 22k Lavazèloppet Passo Lavazè
26/1/14 70k CL Marcialonga Val di fiemme
8/2/14 30k FT Cortina Dobbiaco Dobbiaco
9/2/14 42k CL Dobbiaco Cortina classic Dobbiaco
10/2/13 45k Marcia Granparadiso Cogne
10/2/13 42-25k Val di Vizze Val di Vizze
16/2/13 42-30k CL Gseiser Tal Classic Val Casies
17/2/13 42-30k FT Gseiser Tal Skating Val Casies
23/2/13 22k CL Marciabianca classico Enego Valmaron
24/2/13 50/25k FT Marciabianca Enego Valmaron
3/3/13 25-42k Val Ridanna Val Ridanna
24/2/13 40-20k M.C. Imperatore Castel d. Monte



Date Distance Name Location
5/1/13 46k C Budorrennet Budor, nr Lillehammer
9/2/13 42k C Holmenkollen Skimaraton Oslo
16/2/13 42k C Trysil Skimaraton Østby
9/3/13 15/30k C (Ladies) Birkebeinerrennet: Inga Laami Lillehammer
10/3/13 28k C Birkebeinerrennet: Half Birken Lillehammer
16/3/13 54k C Birkebeinerrennet Lillehammer
Prep: Exodus
23/3/13 56k C Rensfjellrennet Støren-Vikvarvet
23/3/13 53k C Sesilami Setesdal - Sirdal
23/3-24/3/13 15k, 44k C Flyktningerennet Lierne
6/4/13 95/70/45/20k C Troll Ski Marathon Sjusjoen, Lillehammer
20/4/13 38k / 28k F Skarverennet Geilo
27/4/13 42k C Svalbard Skimaraton
Beware Polar bears!



Switzerland - see - 'Volkslanglauf'

Date Distance Name Location
6/1/13 21k F Attraverso Campra Campra, Olivone
6/1/13   La Foulee Blanche Crans Montana
13/1/13 25k, 12k F Planoiras-Volksskilauf Planoiras/Planoirino
20/1/13 25k F Rothenthurmer Volksskilauf Rothenthurm
27/1/13 25k F Surselva Marathon Sedrun
3/2/13 21k F Kandersteger Volksskilauf Kandersteg
10/2/13 42, 21k F Einsiedler Skimarathon Einsiedeln
17/2/13 30, 15k F Marathon de Neiges Franco Suisse Les Cernets / Pontarlier
24/2/13 30, 15k F La Siberienne La Brevine
24/2/13 20 F, 10 C Volkslauf St Cassian Lenzerheide
23-24/2/13 25k F, 25k C Gommerlauf Goms
2-3/3/13 10k C, 30k C Mara Les Rasses / Ste Croix Les Rasses/Ste. Croix
3/3/13 17k F Engadin Frauenlauf (ladies only) St Moritz
10/3/13 42k (21k) F Engadin Skimarathon St Moritz
Prep: - Original Travel - - Exodus
10/3/13 30k (15k) F Le Trophée du Marchairuz Jura Suisse



Date Distance Name Location
12/1/13 36k (18k) C Reino Keski-Salmi Ski Marathon Salmon Arm, BC
20/1/13 71k Solo / relay Lake Louise to Banff Loppet Banff / Lake Louise, AB
2-3/2/13 30k (15/5k) C, 20k (10/4.5k) F Nipika Toby Creek Loppet Radium Hot Springs, BC
8-9/2/13 55k (31k) C Canadian Birkebeiner Edmonton, AB
9-10/2/13 158.3k C Canadian Ski Marathon Montebello, Quebec
16/2/13 55k (38k) C Gatineau Loppet Hull, Quebec

51k (27k) F

Gatineau Loppet Hull, Quebec
23/2/13 42/24/15k C Kananaskis Ski Marathon Calgary, AB
2/3/13 30k (10k) F Overlander Loppet Kamloops, BC
13/4/13 30k F Vancouver Island Loppet Courtenay, BC


USA - see here

Date Distance Name Location
26/1/13 51k, 25k C,F Noquemanon Ski Marathon Marquette, Michigan
26/1/13 50k, 25k C,F Lake Placid Loppet Lake Placid, NY
2/2/13 32k F Boulder Mountain Tour Sun Valley, Idaho


50k, 25k C Craftsbury Ski Marathon Craftsbury Common, VT
2/2/13 42k C, 21k F Alley Loop Nordic Marathon Crested Butte, CO


35k F City of Lakes Loppet Minneapolis, MN
9-10/2/13 50k, 27k C,F North American Vasa Traverse City, MI
9-10/2/13 58k F, 42k C Mora Vasaloppet Mora, MN
16/2/13 50k, 10k F 25k C Minnesota Finlandia Bemidji, MN
23/2/13 51k, 23k F American Birkebeiner


2/3/13 50/25k F/C Yellowstone Rendezvous West Yellowstone, MT
3/3/13 50/40/25k F Tour of Anchorage Anchorage, Alaska
9/3/13 48k, 24k C, F Pepsi Challenge Biwabik, MN
9/3/13 50/26k F 26k C Great Bear Chase Calumet, Michigan



Date Distance Name Location
23/2/13 50k (32k) C Finlandia Hiihto Lahti
24/2/13 50k (20k) F Finlandia Hiihto Lahti
9/3/13 70/40k C Oulan Tervahiihto Lauantaina
13-16/3/13 440k C Rajaltarajalle Hiihto border2border Kuusamo-Tornio
16-17/3/13 51k (30k) C, 58k (30k) F Pogostan Hiihto Ilomantsi
23/3/13 120k (60k C, 60k F) - 60/33/20k C Vuokatti Hiihto


France - see calendar - here


Distance Name Location
6/1/13 28k F Traversée de Chartreuse Le Sappey
12-13/1/13 42k F, 25k C Marathon de Bessans Bessans
13/1/13 30k (15k) C Les Belles Combes Les Moussières
26-27/1/13 42k (5/20k) F La Foulée Blanche Autrans
20/1/13 42k Sancy Blanche (MC) La Bourboule
20/1/13 30k (15k) Traversée du Capcir Col de la Llose
27/1/13 45k (2/team) Envolée nordique Chapelle des Bois
27/1/13 42k (5-20k) F La Nordique des Crêtes Markstein (Vosges)
3/2/13 42k (21k) Marathon du Forez (MC) Les Pradeaux
3/2/13 42k (21k) La Bornandine Le Grand-Bornand
9/2/13 50k (25k) C La Transjurassienne Classic Jura Mountains
10/2/13 76k (25k, 57k) F La Transjurassienne Jura Mountains
17/2/13 42k (5/15k) Traversée de la Ramaz Praz de Lys
17/2/13 30, 15k F Marathon de Neiges Franco Suisse Les Cernets / Pontarlier
17/2/13 30k, 15k, 10k F Trace du Monolithe Sardières
2-3/3/13 50k (2/team) Traversée du Vercors Col du Rousset-Corrençon
16-17/3/13 73k (10k, 30k) F 30k (10k, 15k) C La Savoyarde La Féclaz
3/2/13 42k (21k) La Transpyrénéenne Plateau de Beille
Prep: Marmot Tours
16-17/3/13 42k (21k) Marathon des Glières Thorens-Les Glières
24/3/13 42k (21k) Etoile des Saisies Les Saisies



Date Distance Name Location
13/1/13 42k C Grotfallsrundan Grängesbergs
19/1/13 42k (21k) C Billingens Långlopp Billingen
20/1/13 42k (21k) C Norrbärke Skimaraton SMEDJEBACKEN
26/1/13 42k (21k) C Maserloppet Mellsta
26/1/13 42k (21k) C Harasa Ski Marathon Hybo
12/1/13 42k (28k) C Idre-Särnaloppet Idre
27/1/13 40k C Hornbergsloppet Årsunda
27/1/13 42k (21k) C Strakenloppet Mullsjö
3/2/13 40.5k C Värmdöloppet 3/2 Nacka-Värmdö
3/2/13 42k (21k) C Röbäck Ski Marathon Röbäck
3/2/13 45k C Gavleloppet GÄVLE
3/2/13 42k (21k) C Mattila Ski Marathon Mattilla
3/2/13 40k C Wadköpingsloppet Örebro
3/2/13 42k (21k) C Bergebo Skimaraton Borlänge
9-10/2/13 60k C Engelbrektsloppet Norberg
9/2/13 42k (21k) C Orsa Grönklitt Ski Marathon Orsa Grönklitt
16/2/13 40k C Fabriksloppet ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK
17/2/13 52k C Bessemerlopp Högbo
17/2/13 45k (25k) C Malmstråket Skellefteå
17/2/13 45/42/21k C Skinnarloppet Malungs
22/2/13 30k C Vasaloppet: Kortvasan Salen-Mora
23/2/13 30k C (Ladies) Vasaloppet: Tjej Vasan Salen-Mora
24-25/2/13 90k C Vasaloppet: Open Track Salen-Mora
26/2/13 45k C Vasaloppet: HalvVasan Salen-Mora
3/3/13 90k C Vasaloppet Salen-Mora
24/3/13 45k / 25k C Tornedalsloppet  
19-21/4/13 Various Fjälltopphelgen Funäsdalens


Other countries

Cntry Date Distance Name Location
SVK 26-27/1/13 45k F, 25k C Biela Stopa Kremnica
LAT 2/2/13 42k (15k) F Apkart Alaukstam  
GRN 23-26/3/12 160k C Arctic Circle Race Sisimiut
POL 3-4/3/12 50k (26k) C; 50k (30k) F Bieg Piastow Szklarska Poreba
ESP 3/2/13 42k (20k, 10k) C Marxa Beret Baqueira Beret
RUS 16/3/13 50k F Demino Ski Marathon Rybinsk
CZE 23-24/2/13 23k F, 43k (23k) C Sumavsky Skimarathon Sumavsky
ISL 28/4/12 50k C Fossavatn Ísafjör
AUS 27/8/12 42k (21k) F Kangaroo Hoppet Falls Creek, Victoria
NZL 20/8/12 42k, 21k F Merino Muster Wanaka



If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. Email



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