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2006/7 Winter Triathlon calendar

Here's the ITU winter triathlon caldendar for 2006-7:

Date Country Race      
20/1/7 GER ITU Freudenstadt Winter Triathlon World Cup      
28/1/7 NOR ITU Sjusjoen Winter Triathlon World Cup      
10/2/7 LIE ITU Triesenberg-Steg European Champs      
3/3/7 ITA ITU Flassin Winter Triathlon World Champs      
10/3/7 CAN ITU Canmore Winter Triathlon World Champs      


From www.usatriathlon.org -

What is winter triathlon?” you ask. Officially, in the Northern hemisphere, you could consider any triathlon occurring between December and March a winter triathlon….but the sport of Winter Triathlon is another multi-sport option, like aquathlon and duathlon, that consists of running, mountain biking, and cross country skiing. The International Triathlon Union (ITU) has been holding a world championship event in winter triathlon since 1997.

Usually, the events in winter triathlon are all held on snow – typically on groomed cross country ski trails. Most courses are multiple laps for each leg with separate courses for the run, mountain bike, and ski portions. The most common distances for races are 5-8K for the run, 8-12K for the mountain bike, and 6-10K for the cross country ski. Races typically take 1-2 hours to complete. During the run, most competitors wear running shoes with relatively aggressive treads. Some competitors wear cross country running spikes. Snowshoes are not allowed during sanctioned winter triathlon competitions. For the mountain bike leg, any mountain bike will do – suspension, disk brakes, etc. are not needed. Most competitors will ride tires at least 2.1 inches wide (2.2 or 2.3 usually work best) and run them at low pressure – about 10-20 PSI. This helps the tires float on top of the snow better. Riding on the snow takes good balance, so practicing your skills can be helpful for winter triathlon racing. The final event, the cross country ski leg, can be performed either with the classical - AKA diagonal stride - or freestyle – AKA skating – techniques. Most competitors choose the skating style as there is less hassle with waxing and is overall a faster style of cross country skiing in general.

Age-group athletes, as well at elites, are eligible to compete at the ITU Winter Triathlon World Championships. Elite athletes also compete in a 3-person team relay where each athlete does a shortened loop of all 3 sports before handing off to the next athlete. The 2007 World Championship event is currently scheduled to be held in Flassen, Italy on March 3rd. USAT is currently working to secure a Winter Triathlon National Championship and several regional events.

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