KV+ Quick Change - Quickly Change Pole Tips & Ski Baskets

KV+ has introduced the new Quick Change pole tip system. This allows you to change rollerski tips to snow baskets, or replace broken pole tips, with far greater convenience and speed.


This system is available on all KV+ poles -

Cost - £10 extra to upgrade poles, £12 to £16 for spares


The system works with all 8.5mm poles (Tornado, CH1) and 10mm poles (Campra, Alu, Tempesta, Viking, etc). There is a different 'base cap' for the 10mm and 8.5mm poles, but the actual rollerski pole tips and snow baskets for all poles are the same.





Rollerski rollerski pole tips - these slide onto the base cap, and are attached at the top by the screw.
Cross-country ski baskets - like with the rollerski tips, these slide onto the base cap and are attached at the top by the screw. They are available in two different sizes - large for softer snow and small for harder snow. Whenever an upgrade is specified, we will fit top Tornado and CH1 poles with the smaller baskets, and the other (10mm) poles with the larger baskets. But you can order spares, and all are interchangeable.

Base Cap and Screw - if you order poles upgraded to the Quick Disc Change system, these parts will already be fitted to the pole, as they are needed for the pole tip to attach to. If you are changing to the Quick Disc system, you will need to fit these parts (see instructions below - remember to put the screw part onto the pole first!)

There is a different base cap for the 10mm and 8.5mm poles - the 8.5mm one is narrower on the inside, and the 10mm is wider. But the external dimensions are the same, which means the same rollerski pole tips and ski baskets fit both base caps.



To change tips with the Quick Disc system - simply unscrew the screw at the top of the pole tip or snow basket. The tip or basket will slide off. Simply slide on the new top or basket, and tighten the screw. A ridge and groove will ensure that the tip faces the right direction.

To fit a Quick Disc pole tip to poles with regular tips / baskets already fitted - remove the old tips or baskets. You do this by submerging the tips in a jam jar of water which is just off the boil. Leave for two minutes to allow the glue to melt. The tips or baskets should now twist off. Allow the glue to cool and harden. Push the 'screw' fitting up the end of the pole. Re-heat the end of the pole over gas on the stove, which will melt the glue. If necessary add some more 'hot melt' glue. Then place the 'base cap' on the end of the pole, with the guide ridge pointing forward. Allow to cool for 2-3 minutes and remove excess glue. Finally, slide on the pole tip or ski basket and tighten the screw.