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UPDATE - We can now do limited private lessons, see here. Also, we are running our club in Hyde Park on Tuesday evening. All roller ski courses and classes remain suspended until the Autumn (we hope).
Our shop remains open for online orders of roller ski equipment.

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GET ROLLERSKIING! Roller skiing is cross-country skiing without snow. It offers a great low-impact, full body exercise, with all the benefits of cross-country skiing - the ultimate fitness sport. It's suitable for all ages and abilities, for beginners and more experienced skiers alike. We offer expert instruction in London and Windsor, and sell the equipment.

Now is a great time to start rollerskiing, to prepare for the snow. Here you can find links to our rollerski classes, courses, private instruction and online shop.

Left: Hyde Park roller skiing - for more videos, see here.


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2020 INSTRUCTION PROGRAMME: We have regular 5-week courses in Hyde Park on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings and Victoria Park (East London) on Sundays. Our 1-day courses at Dorney Lake near Windsor, Redbridge in Essex and Ascot in Berkshire are a great way to start or improve. Our regular rollerski 'club' sessions in Hyde Park and Victoria Park will take you to the next level. Whatever stage you are at, we have something to suit.

Dorney 1-day rollerski course, Sun 8th March

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Norwegian superstar, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo

Demonstrating the essential connection between roller skiing and cross-country skiing.

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