New Rollerskis from KV+ and Start

We have just introduced three new rollerskis - Start Combi and KV+ Launch Skate -

Start Combi

The Finland made Start Combi rollerskis have a long history, and have been used for many years by Snowsport England, the Cairngorm Biathlon & Nordic Ski Club and the Yorkshire Dales Cross-Country Ski Club. Good for classic and skating technique, they are slightly faster than the Marwe 590 combi rollerskis we sell, and have been well tested by beginners and intermediate skiers in the UK and worldwide.

Combi skis are a good choice for beginners. The Start Combi rollerskis are well suited to good tarmac, due to the slightly harder wheels than Marwe or Swenor rollerskis. This also makes them quicker, which a lot of skiers enjoy.

Start Combi rollerskis, £145 (excl bindings)
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KV+ Launch Skate

The KV+ rollerskis have been in our fleet for testing since last Summer and have proved very popular. They too are slightly faster than our usual Marwe and Swenor rollerskis, and have been very reliable. They are made in China and provide a good entry into classic or skating specific roller skiing.

These are a good basic skating rollerski. The standard medium wheels are faster than most rollerskis, so they are good for agility and tours, and are well liked by the junior rollerskiers. Skiers looking for slower rollerskis to build strength may prefer other rollerskis with slower wheels.

KV+ Launch Skate rollerskis, £124 (excl bindings)
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KV+ are best known for their exceptional medal winning rollerski / cross-country ski poles.
We sell a wide range of KV+ poles here.