News - 15/9/13
Charity skiers prepare for Arctic Adventures: Kids Co & Walk the Walk

Every year we help skiers prepare for a lot of different challenges - ski marathons, cross-country ski holidays, biathlon, etc. But we have a growing number of rollerskiers combining cross-country skiing with making lots of money for very good causes!

The two main challenges we're preparing skiers for are the Kids Company 'Arctic Biathlon', and the Walk the Walk 'Arctic Marathon'.

The Kids' Company's challenge combines cross-country ski racing with husky sledding. Taking place at the end of November / beginning of December in Northern Sweden, temperatures can reach as low as minus 30 degrees. The cross-country skiing is all on classic touring skis, up and downhill and on the flat. It's a real test of fitness, endurance and technique! Now in its 6th year, we've been helping competitors prepare for this race since 2009.

The Walk the Walk Arctic Marathon also takes place in Northern Sweden, in February-March 2014. The skiing part of the race is 42k, on classic touring cross-country skis, and accommodation is in huts (although the last night is spent in the famous 'ice hotel'!)

The best way to prepare for the skiing part of these challenges is on rollerskis and Nordic walking (training on downhill ski slopes is pretty pointless!) It's been great to be involved in getting skiers ready for these events.

If you are interested in taking part in either of these events, please contact -

Kids Company Arctic Biathlon
Walk-The-Walk Arctic Marathon Tour, 2015 trip now open

For training, we'd recommend -

4-week classic rollerski courses: Hyde Park, Cambridge, Surrey
1-day courses: Dorney Lake, Redbridge
Also, private instruction