Photo credit: Alistair Brown; Cairngorm BNSC; Wessex BNSC

Club news - 11/3/12
GB Roller ski racing calendar & results 2012

The 2012 Rollerski Racing calendar is below -

Date Series Club Venue Event / Results Contact
13.5.12 GB1 / LON1 LRNSC Hayes, London 15k (7.5k) FT, 3PM Results
Chris Richards
9.6.12 GB2 / SCOT1 HNSC Huntly, Scotland
Skate sprints, matched Marwe skis 10AM Results
Peter Thorn
10.6.12 GB3 / SCOT2 HNSC Huntly, Scotland Clashindarroch Hill Climb, CT, 8k (4.9k) Results Peter Thorn
24.6.12 LON2 LRNSC Hayes, London
Individual & Team Sprints Results
Chris Richards
14.7.12 GB4/ LON3 LRNSC Hayes, London 1-hr race FT; 30-min jr. / novice. 2PM Results Chris Richards
18.8.12 GB5 / SCOT3 CBNSC Glenmore Lodge, Scotland 3.2k (10 laps) skate Results Rex Sircus
19.8.12 GB6 / SCOT4 CBNSC Glenmore Lodge, Scotland Cairngorm Hill climb, 5.4k, any skis, FT Results Rex Sircus
25.8.12 GB7 SSE Hetton Lyons, Durham

15k, FT, 4PM Results

Adam Pinney
2.9.12 GB8 WBNSC Castle Combe

9k/6k/3k Sprints, Mens & Ladies relay Results

8.9.12 GB9 / SCOT5 HNSC Huntly, Scotland 7k, FT, matched skis, Scottish Championships Results Peter Thorn
9.9.12 GB10 / SCOT6 Highland Glenmore Lodge, Scotland Classic Hillclimb Results Roger Homyer
  TransRoller   Pontarlier, France 34k / 17k Website
23.9.12 GB11 / LON4 LRNSC Hayes, London 2x 7.5k CT FT pursuit, 2PM Results Chris Richards
20.10.12 4-hr race LRNSC Hayes, London 4-hour distance challenge, 1PM Results Chris Richards


Download BSSF calendar and further info PDF

The Laws of Rollerskiing (GB Series Race Rules)

BMCCSA - British Masters Cross Country Ski Association
LRNSC - London Region Nordic Ski Club
SSE - Snowsport England
MCCSC - Manchester Cross Country Ski Club
WBNSC - Wessex Biathlon & Nordic Ski Club

GB SERIES DIRECTORS: Fiona Crossley / Peter Thorn (England and Scotland representatives)
LRNSC: London Region Nordic SC - Chris Richards (Tel: 020 8560 5764; email:
HUNTLY: Huntly Nordic SC - Peter Thorn (Tel: 01464 831429; email:
SSE: Snowsport England - Adam Pinney (Tel: 01582 602995; email:
LAKELAND: Lakeland CCSC - Mike Smith (Email:
CBNSC: Cairngorm Biathlon & Nordic SC - Rex Sircus (Email:
HIGHLAND: Highland Nordic SC - Roger Homyer (Tel: 01540 661051; email: www.spanglefish/highlandnordic
WESSEX: Wessex Biathlon & Nordic SC - Bob Anderson (Email:
LRNSC: London Region Nordic SC – Chris Richards (Tel: 020 8560 5764; email:

HNOC: Huntly Nordic & Outdoor Centre (Tel: 01466 794428, email:
BMCCSA: British Masters Cross Country Ski Association – Adam Pinney (Tel: 01582 602995; email:
MCCSC: Manchester Cross Country SC - Graham Aspinall (Tel: 01484 846490; email:
LHPCCSC: London Hyde Park Cross Country Ski Club - Iain Ballentine, Tel 07968 286129 (email:

British Ski & Snowboard Federation, Nordic Director: George Gabriel (Tel: 01633 267583; email:

Interview with LRNSC Race Director, Chris Richards