Go Rollerski Autumn 2015 - Junior Rollerski Programme

Hyde Park | Brooklands


Cross-Country Skiing on wheels. A fitness, strength and endurance challenge. Aged 11-25?

Coming Up: Monday 7th Sept, Weybridge, Saturday 12th Sept, Hyde Park;

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Have you ever watched the cross-country skiing or biathlon on TV and thought 'I could do that'? Well, now you can. With support from Snowsport England and Sportivate, in this year we're running subsidised 6-week beginners' rollerski courses. We will teach you to rollerski, with skills that are completely transferrable onto snow. If you are aged between 11 and 25, can make it to Hyde Park or Brooklands Park in Weybridge, you / your parents / your school can sign up here -


Weybridge, Monday Afternoon / Evenings

6 wks - £90

Starts Mon 7th Sept

Shoe size (UK)
Year of birth
Male / Female

Hyde Park, Saturday Mornings

6 wks - £90

Starts Sat 12th Sept, 11.30

Shoe size (UK)
Year of birth
Male / Female
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Spaces limited to 10 per group - please book early. For any questions, contact Iain Ballentine, iain@rollerski.co.uk or call 020 8348 2540





What? 6x 1 hour rollerski course. Run weekly, this will build up your skills, strength and fitness. Rollerskiing is based on cross-country skiing, and if you can rollerski, you will quickly be able to pick up cross-country skiing on snow. We get you to be the best you can ski, regardless of your starting point.

Who? If you are aged 11-25, and want to take on a new challenge, rollerskiing is good fun, great cross-training for other sports and a great sport in its own right. You will be challenged in terms of balance, strength and fitness. Cross-country skiers are among the world's best athletes, recording the highest VO2 max of any sport. You will need a certain amount of balance and fitness to join, but commitment is the main requirement. Block bookings from schools / universities / clubs, etc are welcome.

Where? We will be running sessions initially at Brooklands Community Park in Surrey and Hyde Park in Central London, and will hopefully add further venues later in 2014. We bring our kit van to each venue.

Why? Rollerskiing is great fun, and great for fitness, strength and endurance. The first session will be wobbly, and you might wonder why you're doing it. But you will quickly build up the ankle and core strength needed to control the skis, and before long you will be skiing fast and with a certain amount of skill. Rollerskiing builds up excellent core and limb strength, and it will challenge you aerobically - all of this will help you with other activities.

How much? Thanks to generous support from Sportivate / Snowsport England, the charge is only £30 for the 6 weeks. This covers all equipment and instruction..

Who are we? Our team has been teaching rollerskiing in London and South East England since 2005. We are all qualified and licensed as instructors by Snowsport England, who do CRB checks, etc on us and provide us with public liability insurance. Among us are an Olympic cross-country skier, an ex-GB junior international rower and a Polish biathlete. We have taught many thousands of people to rollerski, and are keen cross-country skiers / racers. Three of our instructors are also school sports teachers - Felicity in Oxfordshire, Adam in East London and Mantas in Northamptonshire. We are the UK's first dedicated rollerski school, you can see our instructors' profiles here.

What's next? We really want skiers to continue after the course. We have an established club in Hyde Park, where Hyde Park skiers will be able to continue, at a reduced cost. We will establish a new club at Brooklands Community Park following the Brooklands course.

In April both groups will take part in the Surrey Rollerski Sprint Races

On snow Our aim is to put together a group to go cross-country skiing on snow in 2015. This will be for skiers who continue training through 2014. We will go to somewhere with a race, for skiers who want to race. Certain races such as the 2015 Engadin Skimarathon 21k race are free for skiers born in 1999 / 2000. Youth Hostel accommodation keeps costs down.

Performance For younger skiers who want to train as athletes in cross-country skiing, there is the possibility to join the British Nordic Development Squad training camps in Summer 2014.

Other options We now do a youth discount for our 1-day courses at Dorney Lake and Redbridge Cycle Circuit, see here.

For more information, contact me, iain@rollerski.co.uk, 020 8348 2540




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