NEW POWERSLIDE X-PLORER CLASSIC: off-road rollerskiing goes classic


The Powerslide X-Plorer Classic is a long awaited product - finally fulfilling a need for a good, multi-terrain classic rollerski. With twin rear wheels offering exceptional stability, and a well constructed aluminium frame, these rollerskis offer a great opportunity to practice classic technique over a wide variety of terrains.

They are possibly the best rollerskis for backcountry skiers and Alpine ski touring. The extra weight of the rollerskis makes them more like these kind of skis, and they can be specified with Salomon backcountry bindings.

The ratchet fitted to the front wheel provides the grip, and well-proven pneumatic tyres provide a smooth ride. These rollerskis can be used on a variety of surfaces ranging from hard-packed dirt and gravel, to tarmac of varying quality. They can be fitted with regular NNN and Salomon bindings, for any shoe size.

An optional 'calf brake' can be fitted to the rollerski, with a double width brakepad for connection with both rear wheels. Athough heavier than conventional classic rollerskis, the weight is kept down by using the same aircraft aluminium as used in the Powerslide's X-Plorer Skate rollerskis.


Powerslide X-Plorer Classic

The frame has a unique 3-box-extrusion. It has been constructed with strength and resistance in mind. The extrusion makes the frame super stiff and rigid, but still has a little flex like a cross country ski; perfect for rough terrain. The rear fork of the frame is also extruded and CNC machined. The fork is welded to the main body of the frame in order to have a rigid frame construction.

Aluminium alloys are alloys in which aluminium (Al) is the predominant metal. The typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc. The 6061 aircraft aluminium used for the X-Plorer Classic frame contains more magnesium and silizium which gives the material more elasticity which is easy to work with. The strength and rigidity of the frames is created by the T6 heat treatment besides the overall construction.



Technical Information -

  • Frames: extruded and CNC machined 6061 Aircraft Aluminium; Easy Mounting - prepared for NNN & SNS bindings; prepared for Powerslide front and rear fender and calf brake II; incl. hardware for binding assembly
  • Tires: 6 ¼” INNOVA air tires (max. 6,3 bar/90 psi.); 2 tires at the back
  • Bearings: PS one way bearings incl. INA roller clutch & PS SUS rustproof
  • Length: 28,3" (720mm)



All Powerslide rollerskis come with a standard manufacturer's warranty, and are impressively well-built.

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Note that pole lengths should be the same as with regular rollerskis, see skating and classic height charts.