News - 1.9.20
New Rollerskis and Equipment

This Autumn we have a few great new products -


1. Fischer Speedmax Classic Roller Skis

Possibly the greatest leap forward in classic roller skiing since we started in 2005. Due to the lightness of these skis, they feel more like cross-country skis than any previous training roller ski. Here is some (abbreviated) feedback from Steve Perry of the RAF, one of the UK's best classic cross-country skiers, who ordered an early pair -

"Just want to drop you a line about how pleased I have been with the Fischer Speedmax rollerskis. I will not want to use anything else again, it’s a revolution in classic rollerskiing! Have not seen any other media about these yet other than your site? They must be very new. Handling – Very stable at high speed. Even at 30-40kmh Lovely low swing weight- feels like a classic ski. Flexible and feels like you are setting the wax. Easy to ‘roadplough’ and keep wheels flat. The wheels seems quite hard wearing and not too quick either. Manufacturing – They absorb vibration (from the rough British roads) well underfoot, but are noisy. The mudguards are basically too rigid. I have taken them off for now. Will probably fit some flexible one-way guards later. Love the way they have safety locked the wheels, some manufacturers don’t at all. ..[I also like] the fact that these skis are long enough to properly mount [bindings] on the balance point."

More info - here.

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2. Powerslide Carbon Skating Vario Rollerski Poles, 130-170cm Adjustment

These are 80% carbon poles, and well made. They are designed for use with roller skis, inline skates and 'Nordic skates', the latter two whch are also specialisms of Powerslide, and are more popular in Germany. These poles are good ones to go for if you need shorter poles for travelling, or want the versatility of a pole for both classic and skating technique. Or if you have several different people using the same poles.

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3. Marwe Roller Ski Bag

A bright and attractive roller ski bag for your Marwe roller skis (will fit other brands...)

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Please get in touch if you need any further information or advice on any of this, or other equipment.


Iain Ballentine

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