Shop - 7/10/13
New KV+ pole tip accessories: make poling less shocking

KV+ has just introduced a couple of new ways to make rollerski poling a little more ski like. Designed specifically for rollerskiing, these new devices are more robust than previous solutions, and take some of the impact out of rollerski poling.

Vid Tip Antishock | Rubber Extra


KV+ Vid Tip Antishock Rollerski Ferrule, 10mm

£19.90 for the pole tips, here; £9.50 upgrade when buying poles, here or rollerski packages, here

This attaches onto the pole in place of a conventional rollerski pole tip and is made up of 4 different parts. A spring separates the part which is directly attached to the pole from the part which comes into contact with the ground, see -



KV+ Rubber Extra pole tip attachment

£4.50 for attachments (pair), here

This attaches to an existing pole tip, and basically cushions the effect of the pole hitting the ground. The more gentle the poling, the more effect it will have. So, it is more useful for recreational roller skiers who are not putting as much force through the pole, than racers who are pushing hard.

It works by the rubber part coming into contact with the ground slightly before the metal part, therefore softening the poling impact. It is easily removable and re-attachable for pole sharpening.