NEW - We now fit Xcelerator bindings and mounting plates to rollerskis for no extra cost, compared to regular bindings

Rottefella - the famous Norwegian bindings manufacturer - has introduced a new 'mountin plate' for rollerskis, to allow their quick adjustment 'Xcelerator' bindings to be fitted. Also, for 2014 they have introduced rollerski-specific Xcelerator bindings, with a reinforced design and brighter colours, which can be fitted to the rollerski mounting plate.

The high performance Xcelerator bindings are light and robust and have won countless World Cup and Olympic medals. Rottefella produces bindings which are compatible with 'NNN' (New Nordic Norm) boots, such as Alpina, Rossignol and a growing number of other brands (but not Salomon). The rollerski bindings are available in Classic, Skate and SSR designs (for combi rollerskis, we would generally recommend either Skate or SSR bindings).

NEW - Safety Screw now fitted to all bindings. This is to avoid the binding becoming detached from the plate


We now have all the Xcelerator Rollerski bindings in stock, as well as the mounting plates -



Xcelerator Rollerski Classic binding

Classic binding. Info


Xcelerator Rollerski Skate binding

Skating binding.. Info


Xcelerator Rollerski SSR Skate (quick adjustment) binding

Skating binding. NB it is not now possible to adjust the binding, due to the fitting of the Safety Screw. Info


Xcelerator Mounting Plate

Plate to be screwed onto rollerski, allows Xcelerator bindings to be fitted. Info


We have invested in a new jig to fit the Xcelerator Mounting Plates to rollerskis. We can supply the plates on their own. And the mounting plate + Xcelerator bindings are available as an upgrade, for all rollerskis, and for rollerski packages including Alpina boots -

Buy Xcelerator Rollerski bindings & Xcelerator Mounting Plate
Buy rollerskis with Xcelerator Mounting Plate / Xcelerator bindings fitted


The Xcelerator Rollerski bindings and Mounting Plate were developed last Summer (2013).
You can read more about this here (in Norwegian).