Prolink System

Salomon Prolink: NNN-compatible boots and bindings from Salomon


The Salomon 'Prolink' system for cross-country ski boots and bindings was introduced to allow Salomon cross-country ski boots to be used with NNN bindings. Salomon no longer produces the legacy SNS / Pilot boots, and the two systems are not inter-compatible.

We stock a wide variety of Salomon boots with the Prolink system, but we still have some boots that use the SNS / Pilot system.


What is it?

Prolink is a system of bindings that works in the same as Rottefella's NNN system. The Prolink binding has two ridges rather than the Pilot binding's single ridge, and the boots have two grooves rather than one. Salomon boots are now offered only with Prolink soles. Boots with Prolink soles will fit Prolink, NNN and Turnamic bindings (but not SNS Pilot / Profil / Propulse bindings).


Why have they introduced it?

By offering boots with the Prolink soles, Salomon can now sell their boots to anyone with skis or roller skis fitted with NNN bindings. This allows Salomon to massively increase it addressable market. And they can more easily sell their skis to those with other brands of NNN boots.


Can I use Prolink boots with Pilot bindings?

No. Prolink boots will fit only Prolink or NNN bindings. Similarly, the legacy Pilot boots will only fit Pilot / Profil / Propulse bindings and not Prolink or NNN bindings.


Which system is better?

Both systems have been around for many years and in our opinion neither has an overall advantage in terms of usability. The only cross-country ski boots now being produced use Prolink / NNN / Turnamic system. If you already have Pilot boots and bindings on all your skis / roller skis, you might want to continue using the Pilot system. But going forward, Pilot boots will not be available.


I have Pilot bindings and want to change to Prolink - is this easy?

Prolink bindings have been designed to fit in the same holes as Pilot bindings, so mostly it is easy to change bindings over.


Is Salomon abandoning the Pilot system?

Yes, they are no longer developing the Pilot system.


What kind of Prolink bindings are available?

Prolink bindings are available with a choice of 'Access', 'Pro' and 'Carbon', and 'Junior'. We offer the 'Pro' binding as standard with roller skis and skis, and this is a great quality and hard wearing binding. You can upgrade to 'Race' bindings which are slightly lighter.


Are Prolink bindings better than Rottefella bindings?

We slightly prefer the Prolink system for roller skis. This is because they sit slightly lower on the roller ski than the Rottefella Rollerski bindings. They also are a bit lighter, and the footplate can accommodate a wider range of shoe sizes.

For cross-country skis, Salomon would tend to recommend their own bindings system.


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Prolink Pro Combi SC boots -



Prolink Race Skate bindings -

For roller skiing, we fit these bindings with a special red rubber 'flexor', which provides greater resistance than the standard ski flexor, to compensate for the weight of the rear wheel.




Prolink Shift Pro Classic binding -

The 'Shift' system is being fitted to all newly introduced Salomon classic skis going forward, and allows you to move the binding forward for less grip and more glide, and backwards for more grip and less glide.