Profile: Manuel

Name: Manuel Bortolas

Qualifications: Snowsport England qualified rollerski instructor (assessment passed, just awaiting final issuance of license)

Experience: 'I'm from italy and I've been living in London for two years. I am from a small village called Pragelato, 90km from Turin, which in 2006 was the site of the Winter Olympic Games. Since I was 6 years old, I skied, first downhill then cross country and biathlon. I have also taken part in many races national and international. Since 2010, I have been a cross country ski instructor and trainer'.


Instructing / Coaching experience in Italy:

2011-2013 Assistant Director Cross Country School Pragelato

2011 Italian Cross Country Level 2 Coaching Award

2010 Italian Cross Country ski Instructor

2010-2012 Ski Club Sestriere Athlete, Regional and National Races Competitor

2010-2012 Ski Club Sestriere Coach and Trainer


Experience as an athlete:

'From 1999 until now I have participated in national and international cross country, biathlon and Alpine skiing ski races. I have also performed in Alpine running competitions. In all of these I have achieved podium places including coming first in the Coppa Italia (2005) individual biathlon event and biathlon relay.'


Ski Marathon Race results:

2011 “Promenado della valle Stura”, 30k  1h03’27" 2nd
2010 Marciagranparadiso Classic Race, 45km 2h07’ 9th
2009 Marcialonga Classic Race Cavalese, 70km 3h33’ 172nd


Ski Touring Race results:

2011 “Ferrino Team Highlab 6” to the 18th Mezzalama Trophy, 45th position, 6h25'
2011 Ski-Touring Race “3Funivie” Sestriere Italy 6th


Mountain Running Race results (Sky Races):

2011 “Corri Forte” Fenestrelle Italy (Race up 4,000 Fort Steps, pic below left) 3rd
2011 Sky Race “3Rifugi” Val Pellice Italy 2nd (2h37’)
2010 Sky Race “3Funivie” Sestriere Italy 6th (2h09)
2010 Winner of the Combined race between the “3Funivie Sky Run” and “3Funivie Ski-Touring”


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