News - 10/9/7

British cross-country skier wins medal at Munich Rowing World Champs

Much is made of cross-country skiing's benefits to other sports. A case in point is young army officer Alastair Heathcote, who stroked the British Eight to bronze medal position at the World Rowing Championships in Munich last Sunday.

Heathcote, an officer in the Household Cavalry Regiment, led his regimental biathlon and cross-country ski team in the 2005/6 season, finishing third in the British Biathlon Union Senior Novice Club Points competition.

He must have found his ski fitness helped on the river, as he is now one of the country's top rowers, making his international debut at the age of 30.

Thanks to British rowing coach, Juergen Grobler, many GB rowers have been on cross-country ski training camps, but it's rare for an individual athlete to have had an entire season of competitive cross-country skiing and biathlon. Army cross-country skiers and biathletes are drawn from the fittest in the regiment, and top skiers are often in the regimental athletics, football and boxing teams.

There is a very entertaining article on Al's achievements in the Sunday Times - click here.

Click on the following to see Al's results in the 2006 10k Biathlon @ Spartan Hike and 15k Classic Cross-Country ski race at the National Championships.


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