Our news - 31/8/5
Army ski teams get rollerski head start

August saw a 4 day dry roller skiing and biathlon course run for several military ski teams.

The course, which was organised by a leading London based TA regiment, took place near Aldershot in Hampshire.  Shooting sessions, led by Hugh Pritchard, an Olympic biathlete and keen roller skier, were held at the national shooting centre at Bisley. Rollerskiing took place at a nearby tarmac track with instruction from rollerski instructor, Iain Ballentine.  The course was attended by a number of TA and OTC teams based in the south of England.

The course was to help prepare teams taking part in ‘Spartan Hike’, the skiing and biathlon competition held at Serre Chevalier in January, and attended by UK based regular army and TA ski teams.  Rollerskiing is essential training for TA ski teams in particular, who have only a few weeks on snow before their races.  Regular teams generally have a couple of months on snow before racing, although the more serious teams will still do plenty of rollerskiing in the summer and autumn. 

Other than actually skiing on snow, there is no better way to practise ski specific technique, strength, endurance and balance than rollerskiing. Contact us for more information.


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