THE NEW MARWE 620 XC: skating rollerskiing redefined


Marwe have improved their iconic Marwe 620XC, and for the first time offer a choice of 'Standard' and 'Stiff' models.

The Standard ski 'body' is for skier weights of up to 75kg and is slightly softer.

The Stiff ski is for skiers of up to 80kg, or slightly lighter skiers who are very strong.

Offering these two different 'flexes' is quite unusual among roller ski manuafacturers and reflects Marwe's commitment to offering the best 'ski feel' in its roller skis. Other clever features of the Marwe 620XC include -

  • very substantial forks, which better protect the base of the rollerski;
  • cleverly designed mudguards which protect the end of the ski body.

Overall, the skis offer a smooth, ski-like ride. They are available with Medium US6, Fast US0 and Slow US8 training wheels, which reflect regular, fast and slow snow conditions.



Marwe has long been the rollerski of choice for the world's best cross country skiers and biathletes, legendary for its remarkable 'Ski Feel'. Marwe's skis are renowned for their quality and design, and are great skis for beginners and experienced skiers alike. There are also now 'Standard' and 'Stiff' options for Marwe's 700XC Classic and 590XC Combi roller skis.


Order the Marwe 620XC, with or without bindings
Order the Marwe 620XC package, with boots and poles





Marwe have also updated their 700XC Classic rollerskis, and 590XC Skating with Ratchet rollerskis -