Club news - 25/4/6
UK rollerskier's 2010 Olympic bid

You never know where rollerskiing's going to lead you. One young rollerskier is aiming high, and hoping it will help take her to the ultimate stage of competition - the Olympics.

Kath Joy realises the odds are stacked against her - taking up cross-country skiing only a couple of years ago - but this has never stopped her before. The young Cambridge economics graduate, who holds down a high flying job as brand manager for Proctor and Gamble's Max Factor, hopes to make it to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics as part of Team GB.

Kath has defied the odds before. In 2004 she was selected by the BBC to take part in their 'Challenge' programme, which chose her from a large number of applicants to take part in the 'Ukatak' adventure race. This race combined mountain biking, snow shoeing and cross-country skiing. Overcoming injury, a lack of upper body strength and mechanical breakdowns, Kath's team - each team made up of 3 men and 1 woman - not only managed to finish the race, but totally upset the odds by winning it.

To compete in the cross-country skiing races at Vancouver, she faces 3 years of intense training, and a struggle to meet GB's Olympic qualifying criteria - among the toughest in the world.

You can see a video clip of Kath - with a brief appearance of her on her rollerskis - here. (Kath was one of the first to buy rollerskis from us, and has since moved house to be close to Richmond Park - London's rollerskiing mecca!)

Kath is being followed by film production company Synapse Seven who are seeking funding for a complete film on her progress. Provisional title 'Devotion'.

Kath's video clip

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