Our news - 26/10/5
Arctic adventurers take to the tarmac

Two of the UK's leading arctic adventurers, Ben Saunders and Tony Haile, took to the rollerskis last week, to help with their preparation for their next trip to the antarctic.

Ben and Tony's next expedition kicks off in just under a year, and the pair gave rollerskiing a go to help with their fitness and balance on snow. Here's what Ben said on his website, www.bensaunders.com:

'Tony and I had our first rollerski coaching session yesterday morning in (an unseasonably warm and sunny) Hyde Park. As I basically ski for a living, it felt slightly awkward admitting that my skate ski experience (Wikipedia has a nice article on the differences between classic and skate, or ‘free’ XC-skiing) was practically nil.

Thankfully, Tony and I took to it like a couple of (fairly unstable) ducks to water and Iain, our coach, had us whizzing around the park in no time. It was easier to pick up than I had at first feared, but at the same time I get the impression it’s one of those sports you could still be mastering years after taking it up. Much like dragging a sledge through an airport, you get tons of funny looks and it’s a great conversation-starter. What’s more, even our modest beginner’s session proved a good workout, and if you live near one of London’s parks and fancy something different to the usual sweaty spinning class, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it - www.rollerski.co.uk'.


Ben's website